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Wordless Wednesday (That’s more like it!)


  1. I can’t believe those eyes! What a cutie!

  2. I’m glad he’s doing better!

  3. He looks adorable. Those full pouty lips!

    About Reglan, Mackenzie was on it for several months. I asked that she be taken off of it after a press release in February requiring new warnings for the drug. I’ve spoken to a couple moms onlie whose children have tardive dyskinesia because of taking Reglan. It’s something to discuss with your doc and see if the benefit outweighs the risk. For me, it wasn’t worth it (and Mac has pretty significant GERD).

    Here’s a link to it, or you can google “FDA” and “reglan”.


  4. Hi! I’m Aaron’s cousin, Meshan and I just found your blog! This picture is soooo cute of your little one! Congrats!

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