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Least favorite part of parenthood…

It’s not the dirty diapers….
Or sleepless nights..
Or endless laundry..
It’s this……
The endless washing of bottles and pump pieces….. Miles’s bottles each have 5 pieces to them! Times the 8 bottles he has.. that’s 40 pieces.. My pump has 4 pieces each… times 4.. that’s 16 pieces.. plus the bottles I use to pump into.. plus their lids.. that equals a lot of pieces!!!!
Twice a day.. my sink looks like this…. twice a day.. ALL of this needs to be cleaned.. It’s what I do when I wake up in the morning and the first thing I do when I come home from work…

Today marks the 1/3 mark! We are officially a 1/3 of the way done with pumping and breastfeeding…. and hopefully using these silly bottles. I can’t wait till he will just take an ordinary bottle with a drop in liner (my cupboards are already full of them!)

Granted… we might make it past a year.. but we don’t have too!

And that is enough light for the end of my tunnel!!


  1. Wow – this makes me glad that I only have 1 bottle feeding a day!! It will get better when he starts eating some solids in a few months – but it’s all part of being a mother, right?!?

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