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Dear Miles,
4 months already? In so many ways you are still the same exact baby we brought home from the hospital. I don’t think it was until I saw you next to Whitney that I realized how much you really have grown.

The highlight of this month was Whitney’s birth. She was born on April 9th.
We barely missed her birth by a few hours because we were in California. I think it’s so neat that you and Whitney and Zack will all be the same age. Hopefully you can all be close friends. Its so nice that you can have cousins close to your age that you can grow up with. You and Zack just need to remember not to leave Whitney out. Girls can be fun to play with too.
Lets back up for just a little bit and we’ll come back to Whitney.
March ended with my mom coming into town to watch you for 2 weeks. It was so nice to have her here. You guys were together so much.
Me and dad only saw you for a few hours everyday. You had a lot of fun while she was here and you both got a lot accomplished. You also had a lot of “Miles”stones while she was here. She managed to squeeze in some tummy time, even though you hate it when we try. And you held your head up so well. You sat in your blue seat a lot and did pretty well with your head in the beginning, but by the end of the month you were an expert.
You also learned a lot more about your toys and started to put them in your mouth. At first you weren’t to sure about the textures, but you got the hang of it. We didn’t do too much while Grandma was here but you were such a good boy!

You started to get a little bit sick so we decided to take you in and you were diagnosed with a sinus infection and a “suspicious looking” ear. We think you had an ear infection from the beginning. You were feeling better pretty quickly once you got your medicine.
We also got your video monitor that week. It sure is fun to be able to watch you when you sleep. It also lead to a new nickname. Daddy and I have taken to calling you Stevie. When you are really tired and don’t want to go to sleep you thrash your head around like Stevie Wonder. You also do this all night when you sleep. Which has made a very unattractive bald line around the back of your head. You move so much in your sleep. We love to watch you when you sleep, and hopefully the Stevie nickname won’t stick for too long.
When Grandma left, Daddy stayed home an extra 2 days with you so I could get some work done. You really love your Daddy days and thankfully a lot more were on their way!
During the first week of April we were excited to accept a new job offer for Daddy that meant he could stay home with you full time. We feel so blessed to have this opportunity fall into our laps. Daddy loves staying at home with you so much. He hates being away from you, so this is just perfect for him. I am so happy to know that you will be raised by your dad and be you will be able to form such a good friendship with him.
I miss you both terribly while I am at work everyday, but I know in just a few short hours I get to go home to you and I will always be greeted by your huge smile. That is my favorite time of the day.
Grandma Eaton’s birthday was also at the beginning of April. We had a very yummy dinner and such a good time with the family. You were very happy for the first little while, We test drove Zack’s highchair and decided you needed one soon too, and you played on the floor with your toys and were just as happy as can be.

But by the end of the night, you were tired and overwhelmed and fell asleep peacefully in my arms. I love those moments!
On April 9th you took your very first airplane trip.

You did so well. I was very nervous but you proved it was all for nothing. You slept the entire time. Didn’t wake up once. I think you really liked the noise and motion of the airplane. I was so afraid to drop you, or hit turbulence, I kept making Daddy hold you while I was holding you too. It must have been a pretty funny site.

We had a fun 6 days in California. We didn’t do too much but it was nice just to hang out with the family.

You were pretty good for the most part, but had no problem telling us when you were just done with everything.

You’ve changed so much since everyone saw you last so it was nice for them to see you again. Plus, you got to meet all the Poston’s for the first time, and Jackson and Mollie! Both the dogs were really good with you. Jackson was a little scared when you cried the first time. He would run and hide! And the bottoms of your feet were constantly wet since every time we walked by them holding you they’d have to sniff the bottom’s of your feet. Your hair suffered a few slobber instances too.
Easter was a lot of fun. You got so many neat things. You are very spoiled.

Lindsay made you your first Easter egg. Their family has Easter egg’s in their fridge from years and years and years ago (maybe 20 years ago!) so guess where your first Easter egg is? In the fridge. Let’s see how long it stays there.

On April 9th we also missed Whitney being born. Thankful I only missed actually not being there as Katie and I talked the entire time she was in labor, up until a few minutes before she was born. I was really sad that I couldn’t be there. Katie was the very first person at the hospital after you were born. And the first person other than me and daddy to hold you. I wanted to be there so badly for Whitney too, but we have lots of time to make up for it!
We went to see Whitney after we got home from California. Wow, you sure are big. You aren’t the little baby I still picture in my mind. She is so little (but not much smaller than you when you were born) that when you hold her it feels like you aren’t holding more than a blanket. Katie even commented how hard it was to pick you up because you were so big.

It really puts in perspective how much you’ve grown.
That day was also followed by your 4 month doctors appointment. You now weigh almost 14 lbs. 13 lbs and 14 oz. And you are 24 and a half inches long. You got 3 more shots and did even better than last time, although it was still really hard to see how sad your face got. The appointment went well and you are growing strong and doing well.

This month you have learned to put EVERYTHING in your mouth. You love your toys and love chewing on anything that even comes close to your mouth.

You love standing. You prefer to stand over anything else. Daddy has even gotten you to stand on your own holding on to something. But we haven’t grabbed a good picture of it yet. You sit upright really well and every time you are laying back you grab your pants to pull yourself up to a sitting position.

It’s really funny. You are still very talkative but still saying the same sounds as last month. But your spitting abilities are greatly improving! You showered me the other night when I went to give you a kiss. That silly tongue! You are also an expert at rolling over. You have that one mastered. You’re getting so big little man…

Towards the end of this month we were invited to go to the temple with Grandma and Grandpa Eaton. Rachel, Kevin and Great-Grandma and Grandpa Strebel all were there also. Every time I’m there I always wonder why we don’t go more often. That is definitely my favorite place to be. I hope one day you experience love for the temple like I have. When we went through the Draper temple during its open house, Matt and his friend asked me what the Celestial room is for and what goes on there. I explained to them that it is just a room to sit and ponder and enjoy that nothing actually takes place there. She replied with “That would be a nice place to just sit, it’s like a breath of fresh air in there.” And that it is. It is so beautiful and peaceful. As we were sitting at dinner in the temple I was thinking about how in a few months Daddy’s entire family would be able to go to the temple together.
What an amazing thing for Grandma and Grandpa Eaton. Being able to walk through the temple doors with all of your children and their spouses by your side must be an amazing feeling. I can’t wait for that day for our family. I pray all the time that your life will lead you in the direction you Heavenly Father intended for you. That you will strive to live worthily so that you can obtain every blessing you deserve and one day attend the temple and become a temple loving person.
This month I also had the opportunity to attend the baptism for one of Uncle Matt’s friends (the same one that went to the temple with us, Ana.) I love going to baptism’s. The memories come flooding back of my own baptism, just 2 and a half years ago. So much has changed in that 2 and a half years, and I owe all of it to that day. Every blessing I have received is all because that choice I made. I hope one day that you will know for yourself that joy and that peace and that you will make the same choice for yourself.
During her baptism a speaker spoke on a few points I wanted to share with you.
Speaking on the Holy Ghost she shared stories of how having the Holy Ghost in her life has helped her. She told us that every morning she prays to have the Holy Ghost with her and that she will recognize His promptings. It is important for us to always ask for Him to be with us. She also said that it is important to figure out HOW the Holy Ghost speaks to us so that we can better understand His promptings. She said, “Sometimes it is like a flashing neon sign, and sometimes it is a whisper, yet other times it can be just a strong feeling.” I encourage you to figure out how He speaks to you so that you can always be aware of Him.
Even before I got pregnant with you, I always had a thought that as a parent it is not my job to teach you about your Heavenly Father and His love for you. It is our job to remind you of his love and of Him. You already know Him and how much He loves you.
We just have to help you remember.
Thank you for loving us for another month! Although we may not always do the right thing we always love you more than you will ever know.
Keep growing big and strong little man..
We love you!
Mommy and Daddy

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