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12 hours ago…

Twelve hours ago.. I would have given anything to see this face look like this….

Twelve hours ago.. we got the scare of our lives when Miles started violently throwing up and was not able to breath……
He looked nothing like this… 12 hours ago….

Twelve hours ago he didn’t even have the strength to cry… much less smile….

Twelve hours ago these rosey cheeks were a terrifying shade of grey……

In the past 12 hours we have cried more than Miles had.. but good news is.. That he looks like this, this morning…

And appears to be feeling MUCH better…

It all started at 10 o clock last night when we heard him coughing on the monitor. No biggie.. he does it all the time. I turned over to glance at the video monitor and saw him throwing up so much he looked like a fountain. It was just spraying straight up. Aaron jumped out of bed to get him and in the mean time it happened one more time. By the time Aaron got there, Miles wasn’t breathing, and was still trying to throw up. Aaron screamed for me and I came running. After a few shakes and hits on the back he started breathing again but didn’t stop throwing up. Just over and over again he threw up. He was so pale. His eyes were glazed over and every time he threw up he choked and couldn’t breath. The look in his eyes was terrifying. His color quickly turned from white to grayish. I pulled some stuff together so we could head to the hospital and Aaron called his parents. His dad rushed right over and helped Aaron give Miles a blessing. He sat with us for awhile and got us calmed down.

Poor Miles was so tired.. His body was exhausted and it just kept going, throwing up every couple of minutes. He whole body would convulse when he would throw up.

The hardest part was that he couldn’t even cry, just looked at us wanting us to help him.

We decided to try to let him sleep to see how he handled it. He slept and only threw up every 30 minutes to an hour. He refused to eat, so we decided if he didn’t stop throwing up for at least an hour, or if he didn’t eat within the next hour we’d head to the hospital. Thankfully he started eating right after that.. (very slowly) and slept peacefully.

Aaron held him while he slept. We both stayed awake to watch him and make sure he was okay. Wow it was a long night….

I think I slept for about 2 hours.. Aaron didn’t sleep at all..

This morning Miles was all smiles in his swing..

It was so good to see!!!

What a no good crappy crappy night…. With a very good happy morning! :)

I’d also like to give a nod to our video monitor.. I truly beleive it saved our baby’s life last night…. I’m so greatful for it… Had we not had it, we would have never seen him throwing up and never knew he stopped breathing… Granted we do have the breathing monitor also, but that only catches it after 15 seconds. I’m sure he would have been lifeless after 15 seconds and I’m pretty sure I would have lost it even more! Thank you video monitor! :)


  1. Wow, what a scary night! I can’t even imagine how you must have felt! Thank God little Miles is okay, and that you had that video monitor!

  2. Sounds pretty scary. :o(

    Do you have a bulb syringe to suction out his mouth with? That will help keep him from aspirating. Also, whenever he throws up while laying on his back immediately turn him to his side – although I’m sure you knew that already.

    On a positive note, he wouldn’t be lifeless if he didn’t breathe for 15 seconds. Apnea episodes are when a child stops breathing for 20 seconds, and even then sometimes they just need some stimulation to remind them. Have you taken an infant CPR class? If not, I’d definitely advise you to take one. It could help you with positioning and knowing what to do.

  3. Oh my goodness -I can’t even imagine. I’m so glad he is feeling better – and hopefully tonight will go MUCH better!

  4. Littleaton says

    Yup that was the scariest night of my life! just reading this and remembering his little cry as he was vomiting, just melts my heart.. makes me so sad.

    I love that littleman sooo much.

  5. The Baugh Family says

    Wow..so sorry to hear that. Did you end up taking him to the doctor the next day? I’m so glad he is doing better.

  6. Hey, I have an online infant CPR class that I teach through my school. Interested? You take the class and then I do the practicum with you on Dummies (no Matt doesn’t qualify) I have at my school. Maybe Miles would volunter for some “gentle” practice.


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