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What I do before Ellen comes on..

I have a VERY strict schedule everyday…
Arrive to work sometime between 7:30 and 8:30 (I’m supposed to be there at 7..)
Work my butt of to try to get everything done before Aaron shows up with the baby..
Squeeze in a couple of pumping sessions…
Then leave the second Aaron get there because inevitably the baby is crying..
And when I get home.. I try SOOO hard to keep the baby asleep in his car seat.. This usually involves keeping the dog off of every hard wood floor (His nails on the wood always wake the baby up..)
Then I come up to our nice cozy off and waste a few hours on the Internet before Ellen comes on..
BUT.. my new love..
Oh how I love it..
Want to see what I’ve been up to??? And why do I do this?? I have no idea.. I just realllly reallly like it. It gives me a sense of accomplishment.. Heaven forbid I do real things with my day for the sense of accomplishment.
Dishes, laundry and child feeding can wait! :)
This is my new favorite action.. I love the look of these pictures…

Now.. only 5 minutes to Ellen time… gotta run! :)

Thanks Pdub! :)


  1. I’m saving up for photoshop. I have elements, but you can’t do the good actions on it like you can on the “real” photoshop. Where did you get these??

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