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Smiles for Daddy…

No one can make this kid smile like his daddy!

These two are just the best of friends.. Aaron had just come home from work and Miles was hanging out in his swing…

And the smiles came out flying…

Of course he wouldn’t look at the camera and smile.. just his daddy! :)

And then he had some hands for snack…

I know I say it almost every day on here.. But I just can’t get over his eyes!
You think you’re sick of hearing about it.. I think the baby is even more sick of it! :)

And one last gem.. I took him in to change his diapy.. and man oh man was it a stinker. I was making fun of him and he was just jabbering away…
Of course by the time I went to get the camera he was basically done, but I did catch the tail end of our conversation.. Enjoy..
(p.s. Mom.. it’s a video!)


  1. Mixed Up Me says

    Cute!! He was moving his mouth the whole time, but he could only get the words out every once in awhile !!

  2. He really has clawed at his face. Poor little guy. Would you like me to work on the mitts with thumb holes?:)

  3. You know, I’ve been really good at taking lots of pictures, but I’ve been really bad at video. You have inspired me!

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