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The man behind the eyes…

I know I’ll probably say this every month. But this has been my favorite age so far!
I sent a picture to my dad last night and he said that he doesn’t even look like the same baby he visited in January.
In my mind he’s still exactly the same, but I guess if I step back he has really grown up.
I told my dad its almost like he’s alive now. Like he just woke up from a coma. There are layers to him now. He’s not just a blob anymore..
We had a lot of fun last night while he was playing on his play mat. He was alll smiles and funny faces so I snagged a few. Mostly this is just funny faces because there was no shortage of funny faces.. he’s such a character! :)
sorry about the soaking wet shirt.. He’s also quite the spitter! :) I knew if I changed him it would take away his happy mood.

Notice the blurry hand.. he never stops moving!

(really.. can I just remind you how in love I am with these eyes??? And I haven’t even photoshoped them.. imagine if I did!) :)

I’m not really sure what he calls this next face. but he pulled it a couple times!

This one made an appearance a couple times too!

Man I love that chubby kid! :)


  1. he looks like a Poston in the third picture

  2. Abbi is starting to get to this stage. We had about 10 minutes this morning where I could smile at her and make faces and she would get the biggest smile on her face. I’m excited for what’s to come!

  3. Mixed Up Me says

    Oh my gosh, he kind of does look like a Poston in the third picture . . . which is extremely strange because he looks EXACTLY like my Dad!! Hmmmm . . . I’ve only noticed that in one picture though . . . he’s still Grandpa all the way!

    BTW . . . Abbi . . . I like it!!

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