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And we still haven’t finished unpacking..

I put on a pair of jeans this morning (that I obviously haven’t worn in a year) and reached inside the back pocket.. I felt a piece of paper and for a minutes I thought “Wouldn’t it be awesome if this was like 20 bucks?”
It wasn’t.
It was a receipt for pizza from March 15, 2008.
March 15, 2008 we had all of our friends over helping us move into our new house!
I can’t believe we’ve been here a year.
Especially when I see the boxes around the house that still haven’t been unpacked…
Maybe by next year! :)


  1. Don’t feel so bad – we’ve been in our house about 3 years and I still have boxes in the garage!

  2. Hey! I’ve been reading your posts and I love them. I’m not sure how I found your page but I am glad that I did. My son is 2 and a half and I love reading and remembering these baby ages! Oh I was gonna say how weird is it that you found the pants exactly a year to the date??

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