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3 months letter…

(I’ll come back and add pictures later, I’m too lazy to do it right now!) :)

Dear Miles,
I cant believe you are already 3 months old.. Am I going to say that every month?
We’ve know you for exactly a year now. I can’t believe that it was a year ago that we were in love with the idea of the little bean growing in my tummy. How quickly that year passed. I never knew it was possible that I’d love you more and more everyday of that year.
Another thing I say and will say a lot, This month has been the best month yet!
You’re finally the baby I knew was lurking inside that body. You’re so perfect, so happy and love us so much. It’s like you’ve all the sudden just woken up from a deep sleep. You’re so alert, your eyes are so sparkly and you follow things all around the room.
Sometimes when you are really tired, I take you in the bathroom, turn off the light and turn on the faucet. It’s completely dark in that bathroom, I lay you down in my arms and bounce you around for awhile. You fall asleep in less than a minute, but only if I keep bouncing!
Even though it’s pitch black in that bathroom I can still see the reflection of our silhouette in the mirror. I am amazed at how perfectly you fit in my arms. How perfectly you’ve always fit in my arms. It’s not awkward, its not hard. It’s perfect. Your head perfectly fits in the crook of my elbow.. Your body perfectly snuggles against me, and my arm is perfectly long enough to hold you. I often stare at us in the mirror and wonder if that’s all God’s plan. That you’ll always just fit perfectly in my arms. I treasure our time in that bathroom. I know you wont be this little for very much longer so I make sure to soak it all in. Most of the time I hate putting you in your bed after you fall asleep, I just want to hold you forever and let you sleep soundly in my arms, or lay down with you and cuddle around you.
This month started right after before my birthday. We celebrated with the family and had a really good dinner. You did pretty well. You just really aren’t a big fan of lots of people and noisy areas, you get very overwhelmed and over stimulated. But thankfully there was a dark bathroom available and you went right to sleep. Almost everyone there was sick, so we tried to keep you away from them. It was so hard for Lily to not be able to be around you. She wanted to so badly. She would ask me over and over again if she could hold you and touch you. She just didn’t understand. She would tell me that she’s not sick, she just has a coughize. Then she would say that she only coughized on one hand. So she could touch you with the other. I still wouldn’t let her, but she wanted to so badly. She was very cute.
Then a few days later me and dad went out to dinner and Great Grandma and Grandpa Strebel watched you. I try to get pictures of you with them every chance I can.
Grandma loves holding you and watching you. Grandma and Grandpa Strebel have been so inspirational to us. They always have such great advise and are so supportive. You are their 19th Great Grandchild. I hope one day I live to see as many Great Grandchildren as they will in their lives. We love them so much and we’re so glad they haven gotten to know you and get to watch you grow.
A few days later you had your 2 month doctors appointment. You go to the same pediatrician that Daddy went to when he was little. He’s a great guy and has been around the family for a really long time. He served his mission in New Mexico and knew Great Grandpa and Grandma Eaton. He always like to reminisce with Daddy when we go in there. It’s really nice.
You are doing great and growing great. Your belly button is healing and your acne is pretty much completely gone. Your cradle cap is also doing a lot better. Thankfully you haven’t lost any hair yet. I really hope you don’t. I love your hair so much! Even though it’s always crazy. And those blue eyes, I love those blue eyes too! They are so much like Daddy’s were at that age. Grandma Eaton comments on how much you remind her of him.
When we got home from your doctors appointment I got out my baby book to see how you compared to me at that age. At 2 months old you are EXACTLY the same weight and height I was. I can’t wait to see if that continues. You weigh 12 lbs 4 oz and are 23 inches long. I don’t even bother comparing you to Dad. He only weighed 15 lbs when he was a year old! You probably already have him beat at 3 months!
You also got your shot at the appointment but you did really well. You cried, of course, but you calmed down pretty well. You had 3 big band aids on your legs that made it look worse than it was, but you slept well that night and it never seemed to bother you.
We also went to the open house of the new Draper temple. You stayed with Katie that night. The boys are so good with you. They’re in training for their new little sister that will be here very soon. Katie says they wipe your face when you spit up and get worried about you when you cry. Chase calls you “hers.” He will tell me, “Hers is sleeping” or “Hers was crying.”
I guess he is really just getting prepared for his little sister, and good thing you’re young enough not to realize he’s calling you a girl!
The temple was beautiful, I’m so glad we got to go. Walking through I wondered what temple you would get married in one day. I’m always fast wording time too much, I try to remind myself maybe we should get through preschool before I start dreaming about your mission and your wedding. Seeing the beauty of that temple and walking through it reverently really gave me a lot of time to reflect and to be thankful for the choices we made in order to have an eternal family.
You personality grows everyday. I love getting to know you. Learning who you really are. I think it will be a very interesting road. I think you will be very opinionated. When we say things you don’t like, or even look at you a way you don’t like you make this funny little scowl face. You scowl at us a lot. But you also do more than your fair share of laughing at us. You are so happy in the morning when you wake up. You laugh and talk and giggle while we get ready to feed you. You spend your morning watching cartoons with Daddy and getting ready for me to come home. You also really like to get dressed for the day. Daddy does this cute thing with you every morning where he lays an outfit on you to see if you like it. If you don’t smile he tries another one till he finds one you like. He almost always sends me a picture of you smiling from ear to ear with an outfit laying over you. You are also taking pretty good naps during the day. The longest one is from when you come get me at work then we go home. Usually from about Noon to 4 o’clock. Once Daddy gets home from work, we play and you laugh and talk to us. You have a favorite word right now, and its almost the only thing you say. It’s kind of like ahhh-geee but you say the geee part with lots of spit! If we say it to you, you will always say it back. It’s a fun game we play. You will also stick your tongue out if we stick ours out at you.
Your favorite time of day is still bath time. Every night while your having your bath Riddick stands up on the edge of the tub and gets a drink out of the faucet. I bet one day you’ll think it’s really funny.
You are still sleeping AMAZINGLY at night. I don’t know what we did to make it happen but THANK YOU!
You are going to bed about 7pm and sleeping till about 7am most mornings. It’s always fun to go into your room in the morning and see how you are laying. I don’t know how to get your self into those positions!
I think you’re getting really close to rolling over, you wont let me lay you on your tummy, so I really don’t know. But even laying on your back, you’ll turn yourself almost half way over. My favorite thing you do is when you are laying on your back I’ll scratch and tickle your tummy and you pull your legs up and squish into a little ball and just giggle. It’s so cute!
I enjoyed this laid back month, being born in December sure led for a busy little life for you so far. We spent a lot more time this month just hanging out, going for walks in the warmer winter air and learning more about each other. Things will pick up a little more as Spring comes. We’ll make our first trip to California to see all of our family, Katie will welcome your newest cousin into the family and Uncle Jon will come home from his mission, we have lots of birthday’s to celebrate and it’s almost time for Grandpa to take all of his kids paddling. You had your PFD and paddle since the day you were born. It was the first gift you got in the hospital. Grandpa was so proud of it, and we cant wait to see you in it. I hope Grandpa has enough arms for all of his paddling buddies!
Keep growing healthy and strong little man.. Don’t ever forget how much we love you. I cant wait to get to know you more and learn more about you as you continue to grow and develop.
We love you so much Little Guy and your goofy little smile!
Love always,
Your Mommy and Daddy

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