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Welcome back 2 hour Joe…

In bed by 7:30..

Awake by 8:30..
Put back in this bed by 9:10.. not asleep but laughing and talking to the dog that hangs over his crib..
I fell asleep about 10 and could still hear him “talking”
up again by 1…
back in bed by 1:30..
up again at 3..
up again at 3:45..
up again at 5:15..
up again at 6:30..
At least we lived the life of parents who’s baby slept for one night….
We may never know that joy again….
Okay.. I guess I will since I don’t EVER get up at night.. but I’m still very aware of how much he wakes up..
Don’t worry baby.. .we still love you.. a lot alot….
(But really.. would it kill you to just sleep a little??????????????)


  1. Mixed Up Me says

    He’s embarassed that you’re telling everyone he doesn’t sleep well . . . that’s why he covered his face in the first picture, poor guy!!

    Maybe tonight will be a better night!!

    (Thanks for the picture text at 11:20 p.m.!!)

  2. Hopefully things get better as he gets older! Sleep deprivation can be the worse at it seems to make everything else worse. Thanks for the kind post on our blog. I agree that nothing is a little thing when it comes to your baby! I appreciate the support.


  3. I’m sure it will get better!! Abby is now having good nights and bad nights – definitely no schedule, which is driving me crazy. But what can you do?? Just deal with it, right?

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