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The week with Auntie….

Auntie Ryan and Angela came to play for a week or so.
It was SUCH a nice break to have a few extra hands here again.
We’ve been so lucky to have my sister and my parents come out.. but every time they leave I’m reminded of how hard this really is.. Every night I wish they were here just so I could have a little break..
Want to see what we did while they were here??
Baby slept…
and then he slept some more…

and then he smiled while he slept.. (notice the nice fresh scratches on his face! Gotta love those nails..)

But MOST IMPORTANTLY.. he learned to slip in his crib!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Yes.. my baby does sleep on a changing pad.. honestly.. it’s the BEST thing ever.. He moves so much when he sleep and has to sleep elevated so it keeps him nice and perfectly centered.. It was the best thing we’ve ever experimented with!)

And then he slept on his nursing pillow! He kept waking up every time I’d try to move him off the pillow after he was done eating. So I tricked him and tucked blankets around him to think he was still laying on me.. Want to know how long it lasted?? less than 2 minutes.. but it was a good try…

Just to prove he didn’t sleep the WHOLE time.. here is Angela during the glorious “Grumpy Hour” trying to find a way to make him happy…

In between grumpy times.. There were a few really happy times too! He is starting to actually smile at things.. instead of just randomly smiling at nothing.. and we LOVE it…

I walked into the living room to see the dog sleeping on my nursing pillow.. I think he realizes that baby gets mommy time when the pillow comes out.. and if that’s what it takes.. then he’ll find a way to get some mommy time too! :)

Riddick has been really good with the baby lately.. He’ll sleep on the couch with him..

And rock his chair when he starts crying.. (okay.. not really.. but we WISH!)
He has started bringing him toys when he’s sad though.. it’s really cute and he’s doing it more and more..

Miles really loves his Auntie.. He even makes Alien face for her!

And smiles so pretty for her…

He also loves his daddy!!! A LOT!
He is totallllly a daddy’s boy.. Daddy takes such great care of him.. Daddy actually does most of the taking care of him.. He’s the best Daddy and Mommy! :)
Him and Daddy were doing what him and daddy do one night… Take things apart and try to put them back together… The start of the baby’s career in computers.. just like daddy!

Well.. there were more pictures.. but these are the highlights…
Thanks again for everything you guys did.. now when are you coming back?? :)


  1. Mixed Up Me says

    Can I come tomorrow??

  2. How awesome to have so much help!! And the only places I can get Abby to sleep are in my arms or in her swing (but not swinging). she’s in her bassinet right now, but I think this is the longest she’s ever been in there!!

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