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A post without a baby picture..

I might as well.. (or minus well …right Ryan??) warn you that this post DOES NOT include a baby picture…

Some you know.. some of you don’t.. but in my spare time I make cakes. Mostly wedding cakes.

Since wedding season is quickly upon us I really needed to get some sort of website functional.

I have a great website at www.thatsmycake.net, but unfortunately I just don’t have time to get that one up and running so I made a blog for that website.

I think I will always keep the blog. The website is more for ordering information, but it will be nice to have somewhere to put recent pictures and stories.

I have already added a few cakes as well as some information.

It can be found at www.thatsmycakeblog.blogspot.com

Hopefully I can find time to keep that updated..

I know return you to your regularly scheduled programming of endless baby pictures..

Who.. by the way.. is 8 weeks old today! :)

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