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My Valentines…..

These 3 guys mean more to me than anything else in the ENTIRE world…
I couldn’t have a better bunch of Valentines!
I never knew I would enjoy being surrounded by all boys.. but I sure do love it! These guys make it all worth it…..
While getting ready for church we had little guy just hanging out in one of his chairs.. I went to check on him.. only to find this…
He had put himself to sleep… and he was OUT!

Daddy isn’t a big tv watcher.. but baby sure is! You may notice his blurry hand.. he was really excited about something!

Mommy’s little man in his Valentine’s day shirt.. he was really sleepy.. so we didn’t get too many good shots…

When I think about baby… this is the face that pop’s into my mind. This is how he stretches when he wakes up and it’s just sooo cute..

My sister bought him this outfit (Okay.. that’s kind of a given.. my sister bought him EVERY outfit we own..) I always look at it in the closet and love it but I thought it was too big.. I tried it on.. and it’s perfect! Aaron calls it his santa suit..


  1. What do you think he thinks about when he’s sleeping? He always looks so deep in thought . . . I love the stretching picture!

  2. The Baugh Family says

    Do you think Osh Kosh makes those in my size? LOL

  3. I wish Abby would put herself to sleep like that! And yes- I need to take a lesson from you and post more pictures more often – you are great!

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