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Mr. & Mrs. Freeman.. FINALLY…..

Aaron’s boss got married last night… finally..

And we couldn’t be happier for him.. and them. They are super cute together.. Melissa is just what Matt needed…
You may remember when Melissa took the baby’s newborn pictures for me…

Well in return.. I made their wedding cake…

I was very nervous about it and of course I see every flaw.. but in the end.. I think it turned out pretty good!

I’m so glad my sister was here when I needed to make it.. she helped me sooo much. (She actually put every pearl on the cake.. THANK YOU AGAIN!)

The inside of the cake was red velvet. It was so pretty when they cut into it. It exactly matched the color of the ribbons. I was very happy…
The edible sugar pearls were the hit of the wedding… The kids went crazy over them.. Once they were allowed to touch the cake they pulled off EVERY single pearl and ate them..

The reception was held at a gardens in a really pretty green house type room.
Thankfully the baby fell asleep shortly after we got there.. which made Aaron’s cheesecake eating interesting.. but he managed…
I’m not really sure why he always gives me this face while he’s eating.. It is strikingly similar to the face I got while we were on our honeymoon and he was eating his finds from the midnight chocolate buffet…. (although he was a little less sunburned last night!)
And just to wrap things up… A picture of all of us…

Congratulations again Matt and Melissa….


  1. The first thing I noticed was that Aaron was eating with the wrong hand and I thought well of course he had a hard time eating. Then I remembered that he always eats with the wrong hadn:)

  2. That’s funny that you would even notice what hand he was eating with!!!

    And we think you eat with the “wrong” hand! So there.. :)

  3. Mixed Up Me says

    The cake look sgood . . . I’m glad I put all of that extra frosting on those pearls to make them more yummy for the kiddos! I enjoyed helping with the cake, it was fun. It’s been a long time since just the two of us did something together.

    The baby looks so tiny . . .

  4. Isn’t it weird how little the baby looks?? He looks like a newborn… he never looks like that…

  5. ibeebarbie says

    AWESOME JOB ON THE CAKE! What a great team the two of you make.

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