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Just call him Spike……

Some times I am VERY glad I don’t have a girl… At least with boy’s this is acceptable….
This crazy of hair would never fly on a girl…
But then there are time when I think.. Those eyes would be so pretty on a little girl..
But they look pretty darn good on him too! :)

And this big chubby faced smile…. It makes it alll worth it!

And the way he love watching his big brother…… (Lets just hope he doesn’t learn any garbage eating tricks from him big brother..)

See the family resemblance?? :)

After looking through these pictures yesterday I thought.. “Man he looks fat.. I wonder how much he weighs now???” So I went and weighed him.. and at 1 month 3 weeks and 2 days he weighed 12 pounds 2 ounces..
His official 2 month appointment is next week.. so I guess we’ll see what he gets up to! :)
Love that little chunky man….


  1. Mixed Up Me says

    Nice new blog look!! I love that spiky haired, blue-eyed, chunky monkey guy!!!

  2. Thanks.. I thought it needed a little change…

  3. Mixed Up Me says

    I have a similar picture (of the first one) on my phone!

  4. The Baugh Family says

    Ryan’s right….great blog look. If I was only so talented.

  5. Hey Heather.
    When i was looking for a new blog header I found some cute picture of one of your boys from that night.. did I ever send them to you?

  6. Mixed Up Me says

    How would you have pictures of Heather’s boys? They weren’t at the wedding!! Heather escaped by herself that night!

  7. huh… well then I guess it isnt… wonder who that kid is.. sure looks like one of hers! :)

  8. The Baugh Family says

    I get it.. the night was all a blurr. I guess that means we need to see each other more often! I don’t remember having more than two boys, maybe I should ask my husband.

  9. Ok, so Abby’s hair does the same thing. I remember before I found out I was having a girl, I told my sister I was afraid to have a girl because I wouldn’t know how to do her hair. I think I’m in real trouble…

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