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The blessing of our blessing…

On February 1st Miles was blessed by his daddy at church..

Aaron was SOO nervous.. I think memories of my baptism.. (and having to do it 6 times because he kept saying the wrong thing..) were coming back to him.

I was nervous too.. but I was just worried he would say the wrong name. You see.. Aaron (more than once) has told people that the baby’s name is Milo. Milo was one of our favorites in the beginning and the first name Aaron ever called the baby in my tummy. But it never made it even close to being one of “the” names. So why he slips up and tells people his name is Milo, I had no idea!

He did just fine. Got his name right and everything. I was so nervous I honestly can’t even remember how much else was said!

The day was perfect!!! My sister and Angela were able to be here.. All of his immediate family and our important cousins were there! (not that they aren’t all important.. but you know how some just mean more than others..???)

This also marked the first occasion that he has EVER slept through church. Not one peep out of him. Normally he is asleep when we get there then wakes up right as they are blessing the sacrament. Considering he isn’t a very quiet waker.. it’s usually quite embarrassing!

Here we are with the sleepy kid right after the blessing…
We then headed back to our clubhouse for a yummy taco bar luncheon.

The baby finally woke up and struck on of his signature poses for us…

Grandma Karen made him a blessing outfit after we discovered that Aaron’s just wasn’t going to fit our chunky boy! It was a really cute corduroy jumper and I found a blue sweater to go over it. Which really looked good with his shocking blue eyes.. too bad you can’t see them in any of these pictures! :)
The Grandma Karen took a time out to feed little guy and Cavett joined her…

While Aaron Angela and I all cuddled on the couch under his blessing blanket that my mom made him….
He was a very loved boy that day.. but he’s a very loved boy everyday….

After we got home he was VERY overstimulated and just wanted to be alone.

We changed him into his jammies and laid him in the middle of the hall way.. He sat there for a good hour just looking at his new best friend. (Mr. Ceiling Fan!)

After awhile I too changed into my jammies and laid with him.. and of course puppy joined us! :)

We had such a great day with our family and friends. It was so nice for EVERYONE to finally get to meet our little man.

I am so lucky to have a husband worthy to hold the priesthood and administer blessings to our family.. Thank you babe for loving the little guy so much!! :)

And thanks to our family and friends that took the time to be with us that day.. even though the Super Bowl was on! :)


  1. Mixed Up Me says

    Aaron did a great job, and it was a fun day, and thank goodness for Mr. Fan at the end of the day!! I’m pretty sure he laid there for close to two hours actually!

  2. Look at what a handsome guy he is! Funny thing – abby loves staring at the ceiling fan, too! We are trying to decide when to bless her – we were thinking March, but I haven’t even taken her to church yet. I guess I should see how things go this week…

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