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7 on the 7th..

Well …I’m a little over a week behind in pictures.. so you’ll just have to humor me.
I think it was the second night in the hospital when we were sitting there watching tv and I turned to Aaron out of the blue and said, “He won’t be home for his golden birthday.”
He turned and looked at me with a really confused look in his face.. I told him that since his birthday is on the 20th.. more than likely he’ll be on his mission for his Golden Birthday and we’ll miss it.
Golden Birthday’s have been special to us. Mine and Aaron’s golden birthday’s were only 2 years apart.. I turned 24 on the 24th.. then he turned 26 on the 26th.
We actually got engaged on my golden birthday..and got married the during my “golden year”
And then the baby was born during Aaron’s “golden year”
I was pretty sad that we’d miss his Golden Birthday..
Fast forward to last Saturday.. as I laid in bed during the EARLY morning hours.. just hoping he’d fall back to sleep for a little while longer I realized it was the 7th..and he was 7 weeks old!!
That’s kind of like a Golden Birthday right????
To make the day even better, I went and checked my email and there was a buy one-get one free breakfast coupon for Ruth’s Diner!
They are closing for remodeling for a few months so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity.
We all got up and got dressed and headed to breakfast.
(Did I mention Aaron was sicker than a dog?? :) But he was a good sport…)
It was a really nice drive up Immigration Canyon. It’s so pretty there..
And the breakfast was sooo good! (Well. sort of breakfast.. It was about 11:30 by the time we ate.. I had breakfast.. Aaron had a bbq beef sandwich and fries!)

The baby.. well he kind of slept through the whole thing.. and this is the best picture you get of him at Ruth’s Diner! :)
Although.. just to not disappoint.. I will give you one of my recent favorite pictures…
I just can’t get over these pictures.. I love them so much!

He was so content… and happy just to hang out with us in bed..

Happy 7 weeks baby….


  1. I’ve never heard it called a golden birthday – now I feel robbed because I missed mine!!

  2. Mixed Up Me says

    Happy Golden Day, baby boy!!

  3. Well, he’s looking lots better! Last time I looked at your blog the poor little guy was covered in baby acne. He looks healthy now! And wow, he sure does look a lot like his daddy!!!

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