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Love me and my baby acne….

My poor baby…
I feel so bad about how bad his acne is getting…..
I almost worried if it was chicken pox because it’s now down his arms and half way down his chest and back.
I’ve never had chicken pox or the vaccine so he doesn’t have the antibodies for them..
I don’t think it’s chicken pox… but it’s getting bad….
poor baby…..
he is still so loved… speckled faced.. or not! :)


  1. Mixed Up Me says

    I don’t think that is chicken pox. Poor baby. He is definitely still loved!

  2. I must admit that is a bad case. Poor thing, it looks like it hurts. Some things my pediatrician had me do for my kids, was just use water in the bath, no baby wash, and don’t use any scented lotions. Use like aveeno or something if you need to. I hope it goes away soon!!!

  3. Poor little thing. He’s so cute though. And just so you know, Josh has acne too on his face…I just touch it up in photoshop before I post his pictures! Awful I know!

  4. I can see why you thought it could be chicken pox! It looks itchy! Poor little guy. Katie’s right – use Aveeno. I had to start using it with Ava because she got baby eczema (which is why I’m giving all my Johnson’s stuff to Katie!). The bottle of baby wash with the dark blue cap is for babies with eczema, and there is a lotion to use with it too. Do you think he might have eczema? It almost looks like how it’s described in the book I have.

  5. The Baugh Family says

    Poor baby! I don’t think it’s chicken pox cause they usually start on the stomach and not the face. You need to make sure to get the vaccine if you haven’t had them yet. It’s painful as an adult to have them (my husband had them when I was pregnant with Lil Robert). He was miserable.

  6. ibeebarbie says

    Poor mom. However on the other hand Miles looks well loved and adored. I have no doubt you’ve discussed with the pediatrician and they’ve advised you accordingly, but it still doesn’t help you when you just want everything to be perfect for him. Hang in there.

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