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Hands free daddy…

Out of complete desperation one day… after I just couldn’t take one more second of screaming… I started searching for other options around the house… my back hurt.. my arms hurt.. my legs hurt from bouncing and I just needed a break..
When all of a sudden.. I saw the carrier that we got for a shower present and decided to give it a whirl.. It was really hard to figure out on my own.. but I eventually got it all strapped on and put him in it. Surprisingly… He fell asleep in less than an hour… and I was able to get things done around the house.
It’s now my go-to calming device.. he will usually fall asleep in it..
The other night as I tried to get some things done he was his normally fussy self.. I asked Aaron if he wanted to try the carrier and we got him all suited up…
We also discovered its a GREAT way to keep his Binky in! (he’s not a binky boy so we have to find someway to make sure it stay in or he wont keep it in..)

And just like clockwork… in a few minutes he was out!!!

Daddy even found a way to play and hold the baby hands free! :)

and um.. this is just a random picture that makes him look HUGE.. I don’t even know what I was doing or why he was just laying there on the bed.. but he put himself to sleep all stretched out..
His outfit add’s to the appearance of his hugeness too! Since its a newborn size and looks like 3/4 sleeves and capri’s! :)

and … 1 month pictures are coming soon.. I just havent uploaded them yet..
And we’re blessing him next weekend.. and I need to find him an outfit since the chunky monkey is too big for Aaron’s outfit… I guess that’s what happens when you’re double the size of you dad at the same age! :)


  1. Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] says

    Holy friggin cuteness!!!!

  2. The Baugh Family says

    They have binky holders for those at target. They are a little bit large but it keeps it from falling to the floor a million times!

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