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The familia visit…

My parents were in town this weekend..
It was sooo nice to see them.. and I was especially glad they were able to come out and see the baby. I thought the first time they’d meet him was when we go out sometime this spring.
I’m glad they got to know him a little bit.. and glad they got to experience his “personality” so now when I complain they won’t think I’m making it all up! :)
My dad got some pretty cute picture of him and we did a few fun things..
Miles pulled this look one other time when my dad put a peanut butter cookie really close to his face.. it was sooo cute! But we couldn’t capture it on camera.. and finally my dad did!
He spent a lot of time curled up on his blankey…. This was the very first day.. my mom put him to sleep then propped him up on the arm of the couch.. he was soo comfy!

And here he is on a completely different day.. once again and wrapped in his blankey..

We ventured out to Cabelas and he we really wanted to take pictures with him.. but he decided he wanted to sleep the whole time.. we eventually got him out anyway and took sleepy pictures..

We kept making fun of his floppy head.. so he made sure to tell us that he’s still doing okay.. with a big thumbs up!! :)

Isn’t that funny????
And then on the last night we took some family pictures at Rubio’s!

This was as good as it got!! Apparently there was something REALLY interesting to look at on the table!
it sure will be nice when he learns about eye contact..
Other than that.. His pneumonia seems like it’s getting better. He’s also getting so big! I can’t wait to see how much he weighs at his next appointment.
His skin just keeps getting worse… I had high hopes that it would clear before his blessing.. and no I’ve abandoned all hope…
Today is my first day back to work!!!!! It’s not so bad.. everyone asks me if I’m sad.. but I’m not really. Aaron and I are splitting the day.. I work half the day and Aaron works the other half.. So while I’m at work… He’s at home with his daddy! If he was at day care, I’d probably be a lot more sad..
oh.. and to top things off.. I’m sick now! I’ve had a fever over 100 since Thursday. I finally broke down and went to instacare on Sunday. And came home with antibiotics for strep throat….
now both me and the baby are on antibiotics and the doctor says we’ll probably get thrush because of it…. if it isn’t one thing.. it’s something else….


  1. Mixed Up Me says

    Wish I was there. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. I hope you are feeling better!

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