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Daddy’s first day home alone…

Today was Aaron’s first day home alone with the baby…
Last night was his first EVER unassisted diaper change! He’s making big progress!!!!
just kidding… he is 100 times better at this parenting stuff than I am..
He continues to amaze me..
But back to his day… The baby did get dressed.. and even got destin on his butt!! :)
However.. it was 12 degree’s outside today…. and this is what he came to work in…

Those pants…. yep.. their about 3 sizes too big…

The first thing I said to Aaron was “He’s in a tee shirt” And he said.. yea.. but his pants match!! I’m not sure when Khaki pants match a khaki shirt.. but at least he was dressed!! :)
And I even managed to catch the tail end of a smile….

Good job daddy!!! We can only get better at this stuff… :)


  1. Mixed Up Me says

    At least his feet were warm . ..

  2. ibeebarbie says

    Are those daddy’s pants or little man’s?

  3. The Baugh Family says

    Good job Daddy!!! Practice makes perfect!

  4. guys are so silly about stuff like clothes, and you can’t be upset with them for long, b/c they really are trying. my ryan doesnt even know how to buy pants that fit himself properly, i can only imagine what our kids will end up wearing one day. but seriously, as ryan’s mom would say “as long as his butt’s covered….”

  5. Haha! I’m curious to see how Josh is going to handle everything – he doesn’t have much experience with babies!


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