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3 weeks…

And what a busy week it’s been…
Sorry.. he wasn’t so happy about his weekly picture this week..
3 week accomplishments:
  • Slept 4 straight hours for the first time at night. (but didn’t go back to sleep after that…)
  • Weighs 9.7 lbs
  • Received his first xrays.. to which they determined he has his first illness.. pneumonia.. :(
and the baby acne just keeps getting worse and worse and worse….
He folded his arms all by himself for family prayer! :)

He got all dressed up for dinner over at Great Grandma and Great Grandpa’s house…

And even sat for a picture with them… This makes Great Grandchild .. um.. 19 .. I think.. (right Katie??) But they have had a couple more since and have a few more on the way…

He learned.. (or more we learned..) that sitting in front of the running washer or dryer is sometimes the only way to sooth him….

He hurried and wore his really cute dragon jammies before they don’t fit anymore. And I already had to clean his drawers out of clothes that wont fit him…

And most importantly.. We ventured out for our first time to church!!!!!!

I was apprehensive about it, especially since he’s sick. But I really wanted to go. He woke up during the passing of the sacrament and grunted really loudly for a couple minutes.. which was then followed by the loudest hiccups ever!!!

But he did great and looked even better!! :)
I have no idea how to label this picture, but I think its hilarious!! :)

Oh and 3 week highlights for me…
I fit back into all of my old clothes.. my wedding ring fits again, but just the engagement part. Hopefully I’ll be able to wear the wedding band really soon. I miss being married! :)
AND.. I have lost ALL but 5.2 lbs of the weight I gained! (which was somewhere around 30-40 lbs..) I can’t believe how fast its come off. I guess a 9 lbs baby and not eating and constantly bouncing and swinging him around will do that to you!! :)


  1. Mixed Up Me says

    Man, he looks like he’s getting so big!! He looked cute in his church clothes . . . where was the sweater vest?? I think in the last picture he looks like he’s disco dancing . . . very cute! And, congrats on getting back into you clothes and your ring!!

  2. The Baugh Family says

    All I have to say is WOW! Back in your pre preg clothes already. I still have baby weight that I’m trying to get rid of. I guess that’s what happens after 3 kids huh? You think it would be easier running around with all of them, but I guess your body gets too comfortable.

  3. Josh has that same bouncy seat and loves it!

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