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What we’ve been up too while waiting…

Every year we go to the Forgotten Carols.. if you live somewhere where they visit and haven’t been.. you should go! The Forgotten Carols is a musical written and staring Micheal McLean. It tells a story of an old man named Uncle John and all of the forgotten Christmas carols. Basically different points of view’s of Christ’s birth. There is the in keeper who turned Mary and Joseph away, the Shepard the slept through the birth. The angel who auditioned to be part of the choir announcing the birth but didn’t make it.. and a few others. It’s really neat to experience.
We got the email for the presale of tickets in like.. October i think.. I knew I wanted to go, but the timing was soo crappy. I thought for sure I’d have this baby before it came to town.

We decided to buy tickets for the very first show and cross our finger.. and guess what?? I MADE IT! (not excited I’m still pregnant, but excited I got to go..)

When we sat down in our seats I told Aaron we needed a picture..and he made some sort of comment that I don’t even remember.. but my feelings have been WAYYY overly sensitive and I just felt like he’d been picking on me all night. I put my camera away and threw a little fit.. and of course he insisted I take it back out. So I did and took a picture.. I turned it around for him to see and he laughed so hard! So then we were all better!!!

And tried to take a real picture but the flash was realllly bright.. hence both of our squinty eyes!

The show was great.. but I was pretty uncomfortable the whole time. I moved around so much that the people behind me must have been really frustrated…
I did snag a few pics though…

This is probably the part where Uncle John hangs the feather pen ornament and the choir sings Hallelujah… Love that part! :)

I was playing with the settings on my camera and took this picture of Aaron and I totally love it! :)

Every time we go out.. or go do something.. All I can think about is “This might be the last time we get to go out alone..” I think thinking that makes it a little more special.. I appreciate it a little more..

We had a great night… but it was late.. and I was sooo tired when I got home! (considering I am usually in bed by 8 or 9!)

Saturday morning we got up and took puppy in for a haircut. (He needs to look his best for his baby brother..)

And I took Aaron to The Original Pancake house in Sugar House. Lindsay and I went there while she was here but it was the first time I had been and we just happened upon it by accident. Right when I got there I realized it was the same place my mom likes to go to in California. I loved it soooo much and couldn’t wait to take Aaron. So after dropping the dog off we headed there…

And of course had to take a picture.. because I might be the last time we ever get to go to breakfast alone! :)

(On a side note.. I still fit in booths!!! I thought I would really miss sitting in booths while I was pregnant.. but I didn’t have to miss it.. I still fit!!)

Oh and pre-puppy hair cut….
Sorry its so dark.. he’s a black dog..and really hard to photograph when there isn’t a lot of light!

And post-puppy hair cut! They didn’t shave him as badly as last time. But Aaron liked it so much, I had them cut it all off again!

I just can’t help it because normally Aaron loves Riddick. But doesn’t love him to be all over him and the bed and the couch because he thinks his long hair makes him “dirty.” But when he is all shaved Aaron will love all over him and cuddle so close to him.. and even kiss him! and its just soooo cute! I’ve even turned on the heater (for pretty much the first time..) just to keep him warm!

Last but not least.. it was Santa picture time! (Again.. black dog.. white beard.. just pretend you can see him!)

The guy taking the picture was such a perfectionist.. he took like 15 pictures then asked me which one I like best. They all looked EXACTLY the same! So I just picked one… he printed it out and didn’t like it because it was too dark, so he tried to print it lighter and it was still too dark for him. Since this is the 4th year of Santa pictures I know this is just what they look like. But he wasn’t happy so he took them all over again with flash. One finally came out to his liking and he printed that to put in the frame. (sorry… I didn’t take a picture of that one) but you get the idea…

if anyone wants a copy I have all 15 he printed out trying to get it right!! :)
I have a dr.’s appointment later today.. So I’ll be back to report and possibly with a 38 week picture!!! He’s gettin’ big.. and I constantly have this feeling like my stomach is going to rip open.. its not very pleasant.. but its all just a count down from here..
this weekend it is supposed to snow alll weekend…and there is a full moon… sounds like the perfect time for a baby!!!! :)


  1. A couple of years ago, when my sister had one of her babies, it was a full moon and the hospital was completely full. They didn’t even know if they’d have a room for her. The nurse said that it is true that more women go into labor on the full moon. i’ll be crossing my fingers for you!

  2. Mixed Up Me says

    Well, at least I know what will be coming back in the purple picture envelope!!!

  3. hey i thought photography and videos were prohibited (uhh spelling) haha that is a great play thought. i had to hold hands and link arms with matt though eww haha

  4. EM…

    They say “No flash photography”

    I didnt use a flash…

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