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Still waiting….

The guard dog has assume his post….
The clothes are 100% put away… (and organized..)

The crib has been cleaned out.. and even a sheet is on it!!!
The bags are packed….

and we’re just sitting around waiting……
so on to some other exciting things.. in no particular order..
Aaron took this picture of the dog and thinks it’s funny..He sneezed right when he took it.. (the dog.. not aaron..)
He needs a hair cut.. but I am so afraid he’ll get shaved bald again… it’s too cold for him not to have hair.. but he’s too hairy and stinky right now…

Want to know why I didn’t go Black Friday shopping???? Here are my ad’s…. Thanks puppy…

Lindsay was here for basically 5 days.. want to know how many pictures I took?? 2.. these 2… like an hour before she left… 5 days…and no pictures.. sorry…..

This one is kinda scary.. but funny….

While she was here.. we went to see Body World.. and went outlet shopping in Park City.. and umm.. Had thanksgiving and ate A LOT! I think all we did was eat the whole time… but it was good!!!
And as for our Thanksgiving.. this is the only picture from Thanksgiving..
The dog.. eating his turkey dinner…

Sorry.. That was really boring and really random.. Welcome to my life lately!! :)


  1. You are very prepared, that is awesome! I bet you can’t wait to get that baby popped out!

  2. The Baugh Family says

    Well I’m glad you at least had a good time with Lindsay. I come back to Calif and she comes to Utah. I think we maybe get her for Christmas! Maybe it was a good thing you didn’t go out on Black Friday. What if you just possibly went into labor…you’d be stuck in the store giving birth in front of hundreds of people you didn’t know. That would be a good front page news story!

  3. I’m almost as prepared as you. Still working on a few things. Isn’t so exciting! Sounds like you are ready for the little one!

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