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Oh Christmas Tree..

I’m feeling a bit blah today.
Not sad or anything.. just blah..
You know the kind of blah you feel when you don’t get out of your pajamas for 2 days??? :)
Yesterday alllll 3 of us slept until almost 11!! It was heavenly.. I soak up every moment of that since I’ll never know that feeling again..
We got up.. ate breakfast then all piled on the couch.. we stayed there most of the day.. I’ve really been wanting a Christmas tree so eventually we got up and headed out.
(all the tree’s came with free flocking yesterday since it had snowed all night!) (Which also made for great puddles on our hard wood floors!)
We found our tree.. and I thought it was actually on the smaller side… but it wasn’t!!
It barely fits…
Aaron wasn’t amused that I made him pose for a picture as he was trying to carry it in! :)
He sat it in the stand and went to get “tools!”
The dog LOVES when Dad does projects.. he’s always his little helper and was just beside himself wondering what to do next…

This is Aaron’s least favorite part.. tightening the screw things.. and I wasn’t a whole lot of help this year.. But Riddick was! He was right there under the tree the whole time..
he was so excited..

Again.. he really wasn’t amused that I was taking pictures instead of helping..

It’s not like he was down there alone.. he had plenty of help!

Plus.. I had way more important things to do!

We finally got it all set up and decorated.. (pretend it isn’t crooked.. we worked for HOURS trying to get it straight.. it just didn’t like to be straight..)
I don’t think we’ll ever get over how different our tree decorating ideas are..
It’s always a struggle!
I prefer just white lights.. He has colored LED’s that are like laser beams every time you look at the tree…
I prefer.. 1 maybe 2 colors of glass bulbs.. and that’s all
He despises glass bulbs and would rather have plastic figurine type ornaments all over the tree.. (those make me barf!!!)
And he insists on hanging candy canes on the tree… which I think it dumb.. but whatever!
As you can see.. I only win on one thing. I get glass bulbs..
but only because we don’t have anything else..
And the presents under the tree are empty boxes from last year… Those are the only presents that tree will see this year.. besides a baby brother……..
We also managed to take some family pictures yesterday.. They are lovely.. and full of bloopers.. so that’s another whole post in its self!
After we got the tree up.. we got back in our jammies and headed back to the couch.. and that is pretty much how today has gone too! Although Aaron has managed to shower already this morning.. I’m still working on that..
We are celebrating his niece’s birthday tonight so I actually have an excuse to get dressed.. I will try to get a good 39 week picture tonight too.. please keep positive thoughts coming that it will be the last weekly update picture!!!


  1. i was thinking about you today – wondering if there was any progress….

    Hehe – I’ve always decorated the tree myself. I told Josh that’s going to change next year, but I don’t think he’s too particular about how the tree is decorated. Thank goodness!

  2. geez louise, you arent kidding about those lazer beam lights. it’s like they’re trying to burn the fog like rudolph’s nose.

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