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My first bath…

By my estimation I have about 4 minutes to get this post up..and try to eat some breakfast before Grumpy Pants makes another appearance!

This week we learned 2 great uses for the sink..

The first.. is a comfy little chill out spot where mom can get ready…

And he can watch himself in the mirror…

And the second use is for a bath tub!! We’re not cool enough to have one of those baby tubs… but this worked just perfect!

He LOVED his first bath. He played with the water coming out of the faucet and just sat very contently..

I think he only has mad face in this picture because I drained some of the water out…

And he screamed when it was over!!! He probably would have sat there all day!!

I think he’s going to love the water.. maybe he’ll be a swimmer like Uncle Jonny… :)
If anything he’ll be a fantastic paddlin’ partner for Grandpa! :)


  1. I just might have to stay away from your blog until I have my baby, because this is making me very impatient for her to come!! He’s too cute.

  2. (Belated) Congratulations!!! He is adorable!!

    I was waiting with you for every post for Miles to be born… and then my computer crashed, so I missed it!

    Anyway… glad he arrived safely! Happy New Year! :)

  3. Mixed Up Me says

    I miss you so much, Pookie!!! I love you! I hope your night went well . . .

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