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Is this the last time??

Remember how I said every time we go out all I can think is.. “This might be the last time we go somewhere before the baby comes..”

Last night was one of those times.. Every year in December we have a vendor at work that takes Aaron’s boss and I to dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. We look forward to it allll year long.

(seriously.. on a little side track.. How do people just decided to go to dinner there. How can you physically spend that much money on dinner?? I just don’t get it.. my dinner alone was at least $100.. times the 6 of us at the table… geez……..)

Anyway.. When they approached me this year to go and it was sooo close to my due date I told them I wasn’t going without my husband (plus Aaron gets all pouty every year when I go since he’s never been!) Matt, Aaron’s boss, just got engaged so we asked if he could bring her too. Surprisingly they agreed! :)

Dinner was sooooooo good.. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen Aaron eat that much. It was nice to meet his boss’ fiance and we just basically had a really good time…. If that was my last “hurrah” than that will be completely fine with me…..

And now for what may possibly be the last picture.. (hopefully……)

Yikeees… it scares me..

****updated: Aaron’s boss just sent this me a link to a local news story:

“The recession is taking a big bite out of business for many retailers. A toy store, office supply store and a fine steakhouse all are closing some locations in Utah.
Ruth’s Chris Steak House on Pierpont Avenue in Salt Lake is closing Jan. 10. The Salt Lake Tribune reports it’s related to the owner’s financial troubles.
Also, KB Toys, which has outlet stores in Park City and St. George, will begin going-out-of-business sales now that it has filed for bankruptcy for the second time in four years.
Two Office Depot locations are closing: at The Gateway and in Murray. Those are two of more than 100 being closed across the country. “

So.. not only may that have been the last time we went out before the baby.. but probably the last time we eat at Ruth’s Chris….


  1. I’ve never been there, but I’ve heard it is really good. I’m sad I never made it there – although I know they have locations in other states. Josh and I usually go out for one really nice dinner a year and spend a lot – but it’s usually in Vegas. It’s our one big splurge!

  2. That’s a cute picture of you guys! Ben went to Ruth’s Chris here in Phoenix recently with other doctors at the hospital he was working at (they get spoiled quite often by drug reps) and he was RAVING about the place. He loved the way they cooked his steak, so later in the week he tried to replicate the seasoning at home on the grill… it was super yummy!! So, anyway- I won’t that was your last hurrah before the baby comes… I’m ready for pictures of your little baby boy!!

  3. Good news that even if the baby is never born, it was the last time at Ruth’s Chris:)

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