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Is he coming?????

My 39 weeks appointment was today..

Last night I felt like I had contractions.. but how am I supposed to know what a contraction feels like??? Needless to say I was up all night because of them.. I tried really hard to time them. So I would look at what time it was when I would feel it start.. then it would go away and I’d fall asleep. And then I’d wake up in pain again.. look at the clock and realize I have no idea what time it was last time I looked at the clock.

(The same thing happens when I get up 19 times a night to pee.. I can never remember what time I got up last time.. so it could have been 3 hours ago.. or 3 minutes ago.. and I have no idea..)

So my timing idea didn’t work.. but I do know that I saw EVERY hour. Surprisingly I wasn’t completely exhausted this morning..
We debated back and forth about what we should do today. I knew going to work and sitting at a desk would completely stall anything that was trying to happen. And when I noticed I was loosing my mucus plug.. (Sorry.. TMI!) We decided not to go to work.
Instead we went back to bed for a little while and got up when the mall opened and walked laps around the mall for HOURS.. it was absolutely exhausting.. for both of us.
When we couldn’t take the scenery of the mall we decided to head to IKEA to try out their lap course.

We eventually made it home.. and I tried to relax a little before my appt.

Good news.. I’m officially 3+ cm’s dilated (a little bigger than 3.. not quite 4..) and 80% effaced.

She asked me if I wanted her to strip my membranes.. and I asked if I should.. and she responded with.. “Well, It depends do you want one last good sleep tonight?” That got me excited thinking she was implying that I could go into labor tonight.. and Heck .. I’m not sleeping anyway.. so strip away!!

It didn’t hurt like I thought it would.. and now…. We sit and wait…

Everyone keep their fingers crossed….

She did tell me over and over again that he was a really big boy.. and she is worried that he hasn’t drop.. She was preparing me for the.. “if’s” of if he doesn’t drop..

But I’m not too worried.

We’ll see…….


  1. I sure hope you’re at the hospital right now! I’m so excited for you!

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