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38 weeks….

Here he is at 38 weeks… he’s getting really big. My stomach is sooo sore and usually covered in hot red splotchy spots from stretching so much when he lurches some random limb out of my stomach.

I really think he’s trying to hatch. Aaron thinks he’s trying to come out through my belly button. That’s usually where is movements are the most violent and throw me across the room. The other night he did something that made my whole body involuntarily jump about 2 feet off the bed.
Those are not my favorite moments. Yesterday he was awake ALLL DAY. Didn’t sleep once. I was miserable.. and sooo sore.

Yesterday was also my 38 week appointment. My glucose was sky high.. like always. I really honestly think I have gestational diabetes, but hey.. I passed the test.

I am officially 2cm’s dilated..and 50% effaced with a very soft cervix.. too much information??? :) sorry…..

My doctor will strip my membranes at my next appointment (if I make it that far..) and said basically the only thing holding me back at this point is that he hasn’t dropped yet.

So I’m trying to make that happen.. Aaron set up the treadmill so I can walk every night.. and I’m supposed to be doing lots of squats.. we’ll see what happens..

I still realllllllllly want to have him this weekend.. but i honestly don’t think it’s going to be happening.. I’m just not feeling it. We don’t want to have him the week of Christmas.. so if he doesn’t make it before that week, he has to wait till after… I guess we’ll see…
Either way.. I keep trying to remind myself that it is all coming very very soon, so to not be in such a rush. I’m sure if I just slow down and try to forget about it, it will happen! just like when you’re trying to remember something… :)

And one cute picture in closing….

Isn’t this little rat weird??? I have no idea why he decided to climb up on this pile of pillows.. it is very out of character. Right after this picture he curled up on that pillow and fell asleep…



  1. I’m sure it will happen when you are least expecting it!! I’m still hoping for this weekend for you…

  2. Mixed Up Me says

    Mom says the 18th . . . She’ll be home crying tears of joy, and Mollie and I will be dieting and exercising!!

  3. I can handle the 18th….

    I’d prefer this weekend.. but the 18th is do-able….

  4. The Baugh Family says

    It’s so funny that everytime we see a picture of you it’s being taken by YOU. Does Aaron know how to use the camera?

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