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37 weeks.. only 10 more to go! :)

Boy do I hope I’m kidding!!! Everything I read says they normally don’t let you go past 42..so I guess worst case scenario only 5 more weeks to go! yuck….
Anyway.. Pictures.. right… I’m already in my pajama’s for the night..so this will just have to do..
I am including 2.. only because I think the first one look SUPER huge..and the second one looks more like I feel like I look..
Plus.. white??? Why haven’t I learned yet that white = whale???
oh well.. here is giant baby boy in all his glory.. (p.s. you’re seeing his butt side.. I wish I could take a picture of his feet sticking out of the other side.. maybe one day I’ll get it..)
It’s funny to me that these pictures look completely fake.. I still have these little day dreaming panic attacks every once in awhile that I’m making this whole thing up… 9 month have past and it still doesn’t seem real… Every time I see a picture of myself I always wonder who that is!

oh.. forgot a very important part of the doctor story… She goes to listen to his heartbeat and I pull my shirt up and she looks at me and says.. “Oh.. those weren’t there last time right?”(speaking of my stretch marks..) Too which I said.. NOPE! and she said.. “Wow.. all those in 2 weeks??” Thank you for pointing out that my stomach will soon look completely like a tiger! (Right now we’re still holding strong with just low and little stretch marks.. but they are starting to slowly pop up around the belly button.. not attractive.. but hey.. they’re my battle scars!)


  1. can’t wait to meet the little guy.

  2. Mixed Up Me says

    I totally thought the doctor was talking about your boobs not being there two weks ago . . .

  3. The Baugh Family says

    I thought you were talking about your boob’s too.
    Wow, have you popped! You look great though. The last picture you had posted you weren’t that big. I guess we all know you are giving that baby plenty to eat!

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