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The first baby shower…

Saturday morning started with the family baby shower. I had a lot of fun and got some really cute outfits. I love getting together with all the girls.. so it was nice…
Here is pretty much everyone.. my family is sitting on the couch taking the picture so they aren’t in it…But this is most of Aaron’s family…

Isn’t this outfit SOOO cute?? Thanks Katie…. :)

I can not wait to see him in it..

I like this picture because everyone looks so happy.. Le’a must be telling a funny story…

Love my sister!! Aaron and I are completely ADDICTED to hoodies… Probably more than anyone you’ve met, I have boxes and boxes full of them.. We get one everywhere we go. And I’m always looking for them for baby now.. My addiction with the baby is Hoodies, Shoes and Overalls. He has sooo many overall’s now.. I love it..
Ryan got him this hoodie that says “My first hoodie” Once he outgrows it, it will definitely go in his baby box….

And this one says “Auntie’s boy” He sure will be!!!

The Aunts all made this quilt for me with Grandma.. Rachel helped too. It’s super cute…

My dad knows me too well and bought me this medical kit! Thanks Dad!

I have a blanket that my mom originally made for my sister in 1978. I guess I stole it from her, and loved it basically to death. There isn’t much left of it. It has literally just disintegrated.. It was my beamer. And still something I would make sure to grab if my house was ever on fire.
My mom made Baby his own “beamer” And not only that but she was smart enough to make 2. There is a full sized one and a smaller one to take with us and in the car. She obviously learned from me dragging mine everywhere! She made it just like mine. I’m so happy to have it and I can’t wait until he loves it as much as I do!

My mom also made me a few other blankets. She crocheted a white blanket with a baby blue border that I really wanted for his blessing. It’s so soft! And the other blankets I got at the next shower. So you’ll just have to wait to see those!! :)

I had about 45 minutes in between showers.. So here’s your break!
Thank you everyone for all you did for this shower..
Love you all…


  1. Eric and Michelle says

    I wish I could have been there. It looks like you got some cute stuff:)

  2. More than one shower? Lucky you!! Everything looks so cute!

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