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Baby shower part 2….

And on to the second baby shower of the day! (But no one has to know it’s the second one.. because I changed!!)
My sister and mom were in charge of games and they were a lot of fun!! My only request.. (well demand) was they we didn’t do the baby food tasting game. My sister assured me that I’d wish we would have after we played the games…
But I didn’t. They were a lot of fun..
Plus how often do you actually get a picture like this????????????

Each diaper had a different melted candy bar in it and we had to figure out what it was… It was so funny to watch everyone try to figure out what this melty mess was.. they would sniff, and look really closely and rub it all around.. It was a lot fun…
(My mother in law and little sis…)

(Kara and Joanne. My mama Kara and My in-town Mom..)
My mom also got us a Diaper bag and filled it with all sorts of cool things and we had to try to remember as many as we could..
And then we played “pass the parcel” It was a present wrapped in layers of wrapping paper and every label had a new instruction of who to pass it too next. (Like someone with glasses, or someone with grandchildren.)
The last instruction was for a mother to be! Inside there was my survival clothes. A pair of sweat pants since I probably wont get dressed for a week or two afterwards!!!
Then came the presents….
So happy for a bouncy chair!!

My dad got him his first Elmo.. It’s so soft…

And this present was actually labelled To: Ryan From: Ryley. My sister wanted this carrier soooo badly. She calls it a baby purse. She can’t wait to wear him around in it!

My mom made some more blankets.. Which we desperately needed!! This one is brown and blue.. its really cute!!!

And this one is a little bit bigger.. (It’ll be hard to keep these from puppy!!!)

And check out this pile of clothes!!! Those 2 plastic tubs were completely filled with clothes from my sister (and my parents..).. I cant wait to see him in all of these cute out fits…
This was probably one of the funniest things.. My sister got Aaron a survival kit. (He has already informed me that he is getting NO WHERE near a diaper!)
So my sister got him this plastic apron. A pair of Goggles. A nose plug and ear plugs. Gloves. Tongs.. & Hand sanitizer… My parents got him a pair of sweats too, so now he has survival clothes!
He was such a good sport to come down and open his present and try it all on for us…
Thank you Kara for helping to through a really fun shower!!! Love Ya!

And this one is just for fun.. after everyone left we all just sat around and talked. This is Kara’s nephew, Ken. He is a little over 1.. maybe 15 or 18 months. He was a little OCD about these chairs. He would push them all over the place. He pushed them into the kitchen and lined them all up. Then he’d push them out of the kitchen and line them all up again. It was so cute!
Doesn’t he just look like a little monkey sitting there?????

And that was the end of the baby shower extravaganza!!!
It was such a fun day and we got sooo many cute things.


  1. That was the longest day I have had in a while! Wow seeing all those clothes got me tired. haha remember how I started to lay down on the couch and I just was dead in a second! I was so tired that day…hmmm I wonder why? But I had fun!

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