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We’re all vitamined up now!!!

You know those movies or stories that have alternate endings??? This story has alternate beginning and I cant really decide which way to go.. So version #1 goes something like this:
1) This is Bernie. (Please don’t ask what kind of dog she is, because she doesn’t even know!!)
She is Riddick’s BEST friend.
She also happens to be his Aunt. (??)
She belongs to Aaron’s parents and is just a little bit younger than Riddick. They both get sooo excited to see each other. In fact we can’t say the word “Bernie” out loud at any time without him completely freaking out and needing to go to “Bernie’s House” RIGHT NOW!!!!!!
Bernie is a very well behaved dog. With very weird quirks.
She LOVES ice. More than anything in the whole wide world. You could put an ice cube and a whole steak in front of her, and she would choose the ice cube. (I haven’t really tried this, but I’m willing to put money on it.) She also will eat any vegetable you put in front of her. And loves to dig herself fresh vegetables right out of the garden.. OH.. and the cutest thing. She picks raspberries off the raspberry push like a giraffe. She wraps her tongue delicately around eat raspberry then plucks it off. It’s pretty cute..

But back to the Ice Cubes. This girl LOVES her ice cubes. Which makes Riddick wonder why on earth she eats these things. But since Bernie does it, he has to do it too. He gets really excited.. but most of the time he just looks at the ice cube once it’s on the floor.
I mentioned to Aaron’s mom that I think Bernie has an iron deficiency. When you’re pregnant and crave ice it means you have an iron deficiency. So I was genuinely concerned about Bernie. She could eat a whole giant bucket of ice if someone would give it to her…
My mother in law wasn’t amused.. she just said “She’s a dog.” And then they subject changed. But really… I think she might have an iron deficiency……. Which maybe lead Riddick to the conclusion that he needed more iron………….
2) We learned fast with Riddick that it wasn’t fair for him to be in a kennel all day while we were gone. But we also learned just as fast that he gets rather bored during the day. He loves to empty bathroom garbage’s. But his favorite “Mom-and-dad-are-at-work” past time is shredding paper. Anything he can find anywhere will do.
There was also this one time when I had 2 bread bowls sitting ON THE COUNTER for dinner that night and somehow the 15 pound 16″ tall dog got them off the counter and ate both of them!!! He never ceases to amaze us.
Every day the first thing we ask him when we get home is “What did you do today” as we walk around the house to make sure he didn’t get into anything.
We usually (<----key word there) remember to close all the doors except the one to his (/the baby's) room. But we forget.. A LOT!
Yesterday was one of those days… I don’t know if it was because we didn’t drive together to work, or we were running late.. but our bedroom door didn’t get closed… to make mater worse. I didn’t come straight home from work. And Aaron had a project he was really excited to start working on, so we didn’t do our daily “inspection” with Riddick…….
(Begging of real story..)
I called home around 8 o’clock to let Aaron know I was on my way home. I told him how good it felt outside.. (It was FREEZING!) And I asked him to open the windows in the bedroom so it would be reallly cold when I got home. (I sleep so well when its realllly cold)

He walked out of his office and said “Did you leave the bedroom door open today.”
“I don’t know,” I said “You are normally the last one in there, and the one who closes everything up everyday.”

“Um, I think we have a problem then. Did you have an prenatal vitamins left?” He asked..

“Well yea, I was starting to run low, but there are still some left.. why???

“I think the dog ate them. The medicine bottle is all chewed up on the bed, and there are broken pills and white flakes everywhere.”

“WHAT???? Is he okay?? Is he acting funny?? Is he alive??” I panicked a little… okay a lot..

“He seems fine.” Was all he had to say about the situations..

I hung up the phone and called my mom. “Do you think it’s a big deal if Riddick ate a bunch of my prenatal vitamins??” I asked her. Of course she replied with something like.. “Well Yea!”

So I hung up with her and call our 24 hour vet. And asked her the same question. Luckily she told me it probably wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Just watch him if he gets lethargic or starts throwing up.

I arrived home to see the carnage that was left…… Exibit A)

And Exibit B)
Exbit C) The chewed up bottle…
Exhibit D) The “child proof” lid..

To make a long story even longer..

He didn’t have any issues last night.. I covered his bed in towels just in case he threw up all night and checked on him every time I got up. He was fine… and well.. now he doesn’t have an iron deficiency… and I’m sure his hair and nails are going to look beautiful!!!! Really I can’t blame him a whole lot though. These things are freakin good! Sometimes I wish I could have more than one every day! They taste (and kind look) exactly like vanilla tic tacsyummmm..

Now.. Does anyone have any idea’s how to tell the guy at the pharmacy that only lets me have 1 month of prenatals at a time, and is pretty strict about this, that my dog at all my vitamins????

Have I mentioned it’s COLD??? And my boys do not like the cold…… This is how they normally spend their evenings or Sundays…. (They normally both wrap up like this..)

P.S. Hopefully this week we’ll take some more tummy pics. He is definitely growing now. Or.. I am definitely growing now.. It’s about time!!

We have a VERY busy rest of the month ahead of us.. Babysitting his little brother and sister for a few night.. A business trip to Dallas and MY FAMILY IS COMING!! Yippee.. plus the marathon day of baby showers.. Don’t even get me started on next month..


  1. Mixed Up Me says

    why is MY FAMILY IS COMING in caps?? Aren’t you excited?

  2. ibeebarbie says

    I took “MY FAMILY IS COMING” as a statement of overjoy……….now the day-long marathon babyshowers on the other hand may just set her over the edge.

  3. Mixed Up Me says

    Her FAMILY IS COMING for the day long marathon of baby showers . . . that’s what worries me, her going over the edge!!

  4. oh you two…

    Yes I’m excited..and no I don’t think it’s going to push me over the edge…

    I haven’t been very panicky-stressy lately! I dont really care what happens..

  5. We definitely have to make sure all of the doors are closed – Max has eaten numerous sheets and mattress covers off of our bed. He attacks them like they are attacking him or something. Luckily, he hasn’t harmed the mattress. But that’s the only place he’s destructive (except with his toys) We definitely need more belly pictures! I should have mine up tomorrow…

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