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Pictureless weekend..and the bump!

We watched the little brother and sister this weekend so that Aaron’s parent could go to Denver.
We actually had a pretty uneventful weekend (except for our trips from “you know where” to Plato’s closet.. I highly recommend a strike of Plato’s closet…)
It snowed this weekend.. and it was REALLY REALLY cold. The snow didn’t stick around down here, but the mountains are pretty covered. It’s really pretty..
We didn’t take any pictures, although I wish I would have taken some of my mother in law’s snow covered rose bushes. Flowers with snow on them are just so pretty!!
But.. it has been awhile since we’ve seen the baby bump.. so without further adu….
The bump from the side.. (sorry again that I look so hammered and exhausted.. I AM! This is pretty much more normal look these days!) Really.. does it look like it’s getting smaller??? Seriously.. I feel sooo huge.. then I look at this pictures and wonder what I’m complaining about. And the frontal bump.. it almost looks bigger from the front!

Oh.. and I got my hair done Saturday. I wasn’t too excited about going back to “normal” colors but I knew I really needed to. So we took my natural color and used it for the highlights then went one step darker for the rest of it.

Hopefully it will grow out okay.. I love the hair cut though. (It looks MUCH better in person..promise!!) Aaron loves it.. and well.. that’s all that really matters to me…

Well it’s going to be a VERY VERY long week.. so I will be pretty absent… but I promise at least a little excitement when I am back to normal!


  1. Look at that baby bump!! And I love the hair.

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