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The last 4 week appointment…

Today was my last “every 4 weeks” doctors appointment. It went well. Nothing too exciting. I can’t believe how soon it’s all going to be over. Only 2 “2 weeks” appointments.. then I’m down to once a week until he decides to show up. (Me and him have been having lots of talks about this lately.. I think he gets the point…)

I gained 8 lbs since the last appointment 4 weeks ago… oopps!!

I have A LOT of contractions these days.. she said just to make sure they aren’t regular. Even if they don’t hurt, if they come constantly every 10 minutes.. that’s still a problem. I think we’re okay!

Only 4 weeks until we get to have another ultrasound.. I can’t wait to see him again and see how much he’s changed….

On another note.. I finally found my doula. I’m so excited to be working with her..

And by some miracle I was able to make it into the best birthing classes in the state!!! The lady that teaches them is completely booked until MARCH 2009. I decided to be brave and just leave a message to see if there was anyway she could let me in to a class. That same day she had someone drop out do to placenta previa so there was a spot!!!!!! I was so excited I almost didn’t here the part about the first class being when we were in Dallas!!!! Luckily she was okay with it and we will make up the first class the week after we take our second class. This class is 5 weeks long for 4 hours a night… I guess there is a lot to learn! I am sooooo excited..

I’m really glad everything is still going so good… Just keep on growing little guy….

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