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King tut’less King Tut exhibit…

This is what Aaron spent a lot of time doing in Dallas.. I was super jealous…

Amazing how pulled together you can pretend to look at 5 o’clock in the morning!!!
Basically these are just for bump pictures!


Aaron’s friend D A L L A S (okay..so I have no idea why.. but every time I see his name the letters are spaced out..so I guess that’s the way you do it!! but also.. his real name is Matt. But we’ve never called him anything other than Dallas!!) So D A L L A S came to pick us up at the hotel. We were sooo glad to see him and have him show us around.. We headed down town….

And went to the Dallas Art Museum. My boss really wanted us to go to the King Tut exhibit. Apparently it only goes to 5 cities every year. We were game….
We were sooooo bummed to find out we couldn’t take any pictures inside the exhibit. It was really cool. And definitely a once in a life time experience. ALTHOUGH.. can you believer there was NO King Tut???? Seriously… big let down…

So you’ll have to settle with Gift Shop pictures!!

Me and baby… This is Aaron and Dallas! VERY funny story..
See that mummy behind them?? it was actually facing the other direction in front of a glass window with it’s smaller buddy. The boys tried to stand next to it and have their picture taken through the window. The glare was too harsh so they couldn’t. I suggested they turn the mummies around. Dallas grabbed the first one, it was just styrofoam. When he went to turn the second one… this happened… The top of the mummy came off! And we couldn’t get it back on.. sooo.. well. we just walked away!!
Do you like?????????????? The boys were WAY too cool to wear funny hats…
Dallas opened this thing as a lady walked by.. Someone asked him what was in it and he said spikes!! I guess there really wasn’t.. but we all got a kick out of it..
Meanwhile.. back at the hotel.. (after driving alllllllllllllllll over Dallas looking for a freakin’ cold stone and not finding one, so deciding to just to go chill at the hotel…)

I had been eyeing these chairs for two days and really wanted a picture in them… too bad they didn’t look better… or I guess too bad I look like a whale!!!! :)

But the boys look cute!!
Well.. That is actually all of my Dallas pictures…. Sorry.. I guess there wasn’t really much time for pictures..

I’m very glad we went.. and even more glad that Aaron was able to come with me. I would have been miserable there alone..

Thanks for coming babe!! And thanks for showing us a good times Fieldsy!! :o) It was nice to get to know you better.. See you when you come out for some “real” mountain biking!!!!!


  1. Looks like a ton of fun! I’ve heard that that King Tut exhibit is really cool. And I love your baby belly!

  2. The Baugh Family says

    You are finally looking pregnant. I wondered where the baby was hiding this whole time. Dallas was a nice pre baby get away…I’m glad you still felt good enough to get around.

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