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Day 1 at the Hilton Anatole…

We were up at 3am to get to the airport for our flight.. I was not a very happy girl (to say the least..) So we skipped the Kodak moments until we actually got to Dallas.

Stepping off the plane was the WORST experience ever. It immediately took my breath away. There was no oxygen in the air. It was overcast and kinda yucky. We arrived at the hotel and I headed off to my meetings while Aaron got acquainted with the hotel room.

After all our meetings and lunch we headed off to explore the hotel… It was raining quite a bit by now. We changed our clothes, put on our hoodies and headed out. Boy..were we surprised when we stepped out side and it was 85 degrees! We were going to go back and change, but just sucked it up.

This hotel.. WOW! It had a lot of different buildings.. 5 restaurants.. and was on 45 acres!

It was super huge.. We didn’t see everything after spending 3 days there.

Some highlights…..

This is the inside. We hung out a lot here. The thing in the middle is like a little cafe. This was the “atrium” wing of the hotel. There were also two towers…

This is the outside.. and the view of one of the towers. The pond.. and part of the sculpture garden..

This is Aaron.. chillin’ by the shops.. Reading about the King Tut exhibit that we were thinking about going to…

Oh and this is baby!! Chillin’ next to daddy!

There were these two giant elephants.. seemed like a photo op to me!!! (Behind us is the ballroom where we ate our “fancy” meals.. and the little area where we had our “cocktail” parties)

Someone offered to take a picture of both of us… love when people do that..

My boss was SUPER excited about it.. It was pretty darn cool. It’s a chunk (or section) of the Berlin wall with original graffiti…

Oh and there is me and baby with the Berlin wall.. (These are all pictures for future use when 15 years from now he complains that we never take him anywhere cool!!! “Oh yea buddy.. How many of your friends have stood in front of the Berlin wall??? You have!!!”)

We had a big ‘ol fancy lunch that day with the most amazing peanut butter pie. (I ate 2 pieces!!!)
I wanted soooo badly to take pictures of the food.. but I had a feeling the boss would have thought it was a littttle weird!
We also had an amazing dinner… they really went alll out!!!! Oh and the cranberry juice was delicious at the cocktail party! :)
That’s all for tonight……


  1. I’ve stayed at the Hilton Anatole twice, but I’ve never been able to explore because I was too busy with the events I was there for. But the last time I stayed, President Bush was staying in the hotel, too. I never saw him, but thought it was pretty cool!

  2. If you think that place is cool, it doesn’t even compare to one of the places that I stayed for the meetings… The Opryland Hotel is where we went the first year, and it is so so amazing. One day you should go there just because it is so cool. I was sad when they moved the meetings to Dallas the next year.

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