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The bassinet that is actually a "cradle"

I desperately wish I had something to write about.. but for some reason.. welll… I don’t!

We’ve been super busy lately.. (or at least pretending to be…) We have A LOT going on this month, and I’m currently at the place where I am so over whelmed that I don’t know where to start, so it’s easier to just go to bed or watch tv on the couch all night. Both of those things realllly don’t help the situation.

BUT .. I’m also EXTREMELY tired lately. I really think the baby is going through a growth spurt right now and sucking me dry.. just draining every ounce of energy I have. He definitely sleeps a lot more. And his movements have changed dramatically. He prefers to hang out on the right side of my stomach. I can always feel him there. Just a big lump sitting on the right side of my stomach. It’s also normally the only place I feel any movement. But its not like the kicks I used to feel. It feels more like stretching or rearranging. Just twisting and turning. He’s really cramped in there. I am actually starting to envy the girls that look like they stuffed a basket ball under their shirts. I feel like if my stomach would just grow a little that he’d have more room..
He has been really good lately though. He finally has a recognizable pattern every day. And for the most part he still lets me sleep in the morning. (We slept until 11:30 last Saturday!! Alllll of us.. even the dog.. .It was realllly nice!)

Although I’m not a huge fan of the fact that he can simultaneously smash my bladder and kick my stomach. He does make me pretty sick to my stomach quite often. Also my appetite has pretty much disappeared. I just think my stomach always thinks it’s full since it doesn’t have any room!
Not complaining though.. I don’t need another 8lbs gain in a week again! (gained exactly 1 lbs last week!!)

We have been trying to “nest” unfortunately my nesting instinct has turned into a blanket making instinct. I have been sewing a lot and not doing what I really need to be doing..

We did manage to hang a few pictures in the house that we have now lived in for almost 8 months! So that’s a plus.. ohhh.. and I unpacked the last two boxes that were sitting in our bedroom (from 8 months ago!)

Oh.. and Aaron finished the bassinet this weekend.. And then I found out through some googling for parts and sheets that it is actually a cradle. Not a bassinet!! So here is the before of what the cradle looked like.. (stolen from google!)

Like I mentioned before, we decided to make it match our room, since that’s where it will be. Our bed frame is black.. so we decided to paint the cradle black to match.. Aaron worked really hard on it. Took it all apart, sanded it, primed it and painted it.. He even had to fill in the old screw holes and make new ones on certain parts.. we are VERY happy with how it turned out! Here it is finishing it’s drying process in the kitchen…
(sorry about the camera phone pics.. we’re having camera issues again..)

This is our bed set from Ikea. so.. I tried to find something similar that wasn’t really gender specific so we could use it again if we needed too…
This is what I came up with. It’s just basically a black and white paisley. But it looks really good with our bed set. It’s pretty girly.. but he won’t care!!! (p.s. I totally made those bumper pads allll by myself! My mother in law helped me figure out how to do it, and was going to help, but then I just got on a roll, and it actually felt good to figure something out on my own without any help. Just don’t look to closely at it! I’m not really sure what I measured some of the time! But I think it still turned out pretty good!)

Welll that might be it for now..

We have an EXTREMELY busy month coming up.. we have a little trip planned.. and we are watching Aaron’s little brother and sister for the weekend.. and another doctors appointment.. (ALREADY???.. oh and this is my last 4 week appointment. I go to 2 weeks after this…sheeshh..) Then my family is coming out for a baby show extravaganza! (okay.. maybe its not an extravaganza… but I’m having 2 showers in one day…so I’m pretty excited!)

Oh the pictures to come..

I promise..lots and lots of them…

Guess what else sucks… the weather for this weekend..

Do you see that??? SNOW! Which means it could be our first freeze of the year.. and I have no idea how to take care of a freezing garden.. especially one the size of my mother in laws.. I don’t really want to be responsible for killing everything… I guess we’ll see how it goes….


  1. I love it!! I just bought a pack and play off of craigslist, and we’ll be using the bassinet part for the first few months. I’m laughing, because you think your bedding is girly for your boy, and my pack and play is kind of boyish for a girl!! But I’m so impressed that you made that yourself. Maybe that’s what I need to do!

  2. Wow Ryley that is amazing! I love that bassinet. You just look adorable. And you do still look way too tiny to be further along than me! I’m excited for you two! It looks like you’re doing really great!

  3. Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry says

    oh wow, I just love the bumpers. I am so jealous of anyone that can do that, it’s amazing. You both did a great job on the cradle. What a special treat you have given to your family.

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