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One down.. two to go…

So you may remember these from a couple days.. (weeks?) ago..

Yesterday was D day for these little chocolaty covered cookie dough buddies..
We packed up and headed to the state fair, we got there in plenty of time. And sat and waited for our turn. You can imagine the way my heart sank when a lady walked in holding these :

My first thought was “Oh my Gosh, did she see those on my blog and steal them???”
I made my way around to snoop at her recipe to find out they were just a dark chocolate truffle. Phewwww.. crisis #1 adverted…

The competition was fun.. and interesting. I was more interested in the experience and learning more about competitions than actually the winning. (Although the $200 would have been VERY nice..)

This is us sitting.. and waiting for things to start..

We were called to start setting up our food, so I handed the camera to Aaron so he could take some pictures of us.. and me setting everything up. Want to see the 2 pictures he took of set up???

Yep.. those are those overhead mirrors so you can see what’s going on.. and those are the pictures we have of set up!!!

As soon as set up was over I went and took pictures of all the entries. I did learn that it is about creativity. A lot.. The display needs to be cute… but a cute name gets you pretty far too..

Here are the entries..

“Deserted Island Soup” I think this was probably a pudding. It looked like pudding..

Umm.. I think these were called something like Chocolate Heaven Cookies
Crispy Creamy Desert .. this looked sooo yummy. I don’t really know what the crispy things were but the judges were impressed at how pretty it looks and how easy it was to make. Basically I think it was something like fried tortillas and chocolate mouse.
White Chocolate Truffle Brownies .. this looked good too. But I didn’t like the gold thing she put them on. It was too distracting..
Okay..so this wasn’t an entry.. but I thought it was funny.. between every few they had these little “cleansing of the pallet” plates and water..
These were my FAVORITE! Look how cute they are! They were called. Little Mouse favorite Cookies (or something like that.) They looked like pieces of cheese with little chocolate chip mice. She had the cutest set up too, with a fairytale book.. So cute..
And these we’re mine.. they looks sooo boring next to everyone elses cute setup’s .. but at least I know better for next time!
I so wish I could have eaten this one. it was Decedent Chocolate and Raspberry Torte. mmm.. still looks sooo good!
And these were the Dark Chocolate Truffles that looked a lot like mine. Thank goodness they were on completely separate sides of the table..

This was the host. Reagen Leadbetter. She is on a morning news program. Man that girl could talk.. and about absolutely nothing! But she was really fun and cute!
Here is one of the Judges reading my recipe.. and counting ingredients and making sure I followed the rules..
And this is the other two (with Reagan) in front of my truffles talking…
Well the night was fun.. and worth the experience.. but sadly.. I didn’t win..

The Raspberry torte took 3rd.. the Deserted Island Soup took 2nd..and the Crispy Creamy Desert took 1st! All very worthy..
I don’t know how the rest of the contests will go.. I guess we’ll see.. but they are a lot of fun.. So I’m okay with just the experience!!!
PLUS.. I talked Aaron into taking me to my FAVORITE place in the whole entire world!!!
The Crown Burger downtown! I don’t know why that one tastes sooo much better than all the others, but last night at almost 10 o’clock.. it was absolutely amazing!! I haven’t had a big greasy cheese burger that good in a really long time! :)
Thanks for taking me there babe…

One down.. 2 more to go!!!


  1. And under 100 days to go!!

    I never got around to making anything up, and I’m kind of bummed. Your cookie balls look sooo good though. Good luck on the others!

  2. Nice mirror pictures! That is totally something Aaron would do!

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