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99 days… reallly???

Can you believe I only have 99 days left.. that’s less than a hundred.. CRAZY!!!
I can’t believe how fast this is going.. and honestly I hate how fast it’s going, I’m not ready for this time to be over.. I’m not ready to have to share my little buddy.. I love that he’s all mine.. Selfish huh??? Sorry!!
Anyway.. want a belly update that is totally disappointing to probably everyone??
This first picture was taken on .. umm.. it says July 17th. So at this point I was 18 week. And tomorrow I will be 26 weeks. 8 weeks difference… (for easier reference I wore the same EXACT outfit today! totally not planned.. but it’s my favorite stand by..) oh..and by the way.. my face TOTALLY needed to be cropped out of these, when I can finally convince Aaron to take these picture for me, I may leave my face in them!! :)
18 weeks

And today….. 26 weeks

okay.. Really.. Isn’t it exactly the same????

On a side note.. I am very proud of myself for making it 181 days so far without any emergency doctor or hospital visits. But I blew that record today.

This kid of mine is sooooo active. He never stops moving. I love to lay in bed at night and watch my stomach jump and flip all over the place.. and even though I really hate it.. I love waking up to him kicking me all over the place.. It’s like when you’re first married and how cool it is to wake up next to your husband.. Same feeling.. Every morning he wakes me (before the alarm)

Well last night.. He was kicking and flipping like normal the last one I remember was at about 6:30ish.. after dinner at 10pm… he didn’t kick.. and that’s weird.. I got in bed last night.. and nothing… no movement whatsoever.. I didn’t tell Aaron. Didn’t want to worry him.. This morning.. The alarm went off.. I wasn’t awake, I wasn’t feeling him like normal. I had a glass of Orange Juice with Ice and my breakfast. That always gets him moving and grooving.. I always tell Aaron he does his morning exercise video on the way to work. He normally does… but not today..

I worried for a few more hours at work before finally sending Aaron an email to tell him.. I couldn’t focus on anything at work. I finally just went and sat in the bathroom and poked him all over. He loves to play.. when I poke.. he kicks back.. ALWAYS does.. Not today.. I came back to my desk and tried to hold back the tears.. I had a granola bar.. anything to get him to wake up. And then I felt this little tiny flutter, almost like the first time I felt him. Wondering if that was him I went back to the bathroom stool to poke at him more. I poked.. and he kicked.. I poked again and he kicked again. Twice in a row. I felt like I could breath again, but knew it still wasn’t his “normal”

I finally broke down and called the doctor.. I honestly had felt 5 movements alll day.. That’s just not normal. She told me to come in so we could check him. I drove down to office..

It took her soooo long to find his heartbeat.. then she was worried it was mine she found. She checked mine.. and confirmed they were different. And we sat and listened to him for awhile. We could hear some movement that I couldn’t feel but we could hear.

He feels like a brick. He is just laying in one place. I can feel every part of him if I push him.. Apparently he’s just having a “lazy” day. She also mentioned he was laying with his back to my stomach. So I just must be missing the kicks to my back!

But at least he’s okay.. I can breath a little better just knowing…

181 days isn’t bad!! :)


  1. Oh my goodness! This made me cry. Why didn’t you call??? I’m relieved everything is good!!

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