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"Wordless" Wednesday… umm except its Tuesday..

Okay.. So I was looking at my blog roll and was noticing one of my friends just posted a Wordless Wednesday posting.. and thought.. “OH.. I totally need to do that..” While flipping through random pictures on my computer this morning. I found this picture of my little Roo.
And for some reason it actually made me say “awww” out loud. (Which resulted in many funny looks from the office) And I can’t get it out of my head. (I think I actually might get it printed to put on my desk, every time I think about it, it makes me smile)

So as I was reading her Wordless Wednesday, I pictured that pictured and here I am to post a Wordless Wednesday. I started to type the title and realized that It wouldn’t be wordless.. because well.. I can’t do anything wordless.

Then.. As I typed Wednesday.. I realized it was Tuesday..
So really..

Can I please just post this picture and can you please just saw.. “AWWWWW“???

Thank you…


On a little side note that probably no one cares about.. I’ve had the weirdest day. It honestly just keeps slipping my mind that I’m pregnant. I seriously have some sort of amnesia today. I just completely forget every couple of hours.

The baby is SUPER active lately. (Just in the past few day) I went from feeling him just after I eat to seriously feeling him almost alllllllll day. He’s now making it hard for me to fall asleep, and waking up before I’m ready to wake up.

But all day today.. I keep thinking… “What is wrong with my stomach?” Then I have to think… “Oh yea.. it’s the baby.” I have SERIOUSLY had this conversation with myself about 15 times today!!!


  1. Mixed Up Me says


  2. Awww, love the picture!!

    And I forget that I’m pregnant sometimes, too. It’s all still surreal.

  3. ibeebarbie says

    Awwwwwwwwww—-one can’t help but say that word. :-)

    By the way, CONGRATULATIONS! Finally was able to read your blog as apparently I had only the cake one saved. Anyway, congratulations. I’m so excited for you and hubby.

  4. What a sweetie. Too bad Riddick and Allie can’t get together and play.

    I am loving your pregnancy, I can tell that you are also.


  5. Rod and LaDawn says

    Oh my goodness, that looks EXACTLY like my old dog Banditt! Makes me miss her – she was such a great dog.

    BTW…Amnesia is definitely a side effect of pregnancy. I can’t remeber squat when I’m pregnant. It drives my husband nuts :)

    Oh yeah….love the pic at the top of your blog. That is so sweet!

  6. LOL – First of all – cute picture.

    Having a baby growing inside of you is surreal… especially when you’ve lived your life without it for so long! I would do that too, with all three of mine.

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