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We were campin…

Apparently.. running your air conditioner so your house is always a comfortable 65 degree’s may not always be the best thing for it! Who knew????
It’s been hot here.. Welll.. Hot for here.. it’s reached 100 a couple times and often huvers around 95.. and its tooooo hot for me. I really do keep our a/c between 60 and 65 at all times, the lower the better at night, and I still wake up sweating and dieing of being hot.
The air conditioner has been freezing a little here and there.. we normally turn it off for awhile.. then turn it back on. It happened again on Friday so we turned it off for awhile again..
It didn’t get much better on Saturday.. By the time we got home Saturday night.. it was late…AND.. it was HOT! I threatened that I was calling the closest hotel.. I was tired.. cranky..and hot.. not a good combonation. The A/C wasnt blowing air at all!!!
Aaron thought it would just be a good idea to turn on the fan in our bedroom upstairs.. which then turned it into a convection oven.. instead of just your everyday average oven. Nothing like hot air being pushed around..
It was 78 degrees down stairs in the kitchen (the coolest place in the house) I have NO idea how hot it was upstairs.. but there was NO WAY I was sleeping there.. I figured if we have to stay in the house, we were at least going to stay down stairs where it was “only” 78..
So I (—>meaning I made Aaron) pack up all of the bedding and take it downstairs to the couch.

Aaron insisted on using his favorite blanket (we call her Martha) however, his favorite blanket is more like a throw. I warned him that it would be too little…

I really wanted to use our bedspread.. which is King sized..and well Riddick.. He got the best blankie in the house…

Even though the couch is comfortable.. it was still hot! Really hot.. I think I slept okay, I worried about having to make it to the bathroom half asleep.. but I did okay… Aaron’s only complaint.. His blanket was too small!!!!! Really?? Geez.. I wish someone had warned him about that before we went to bed!! :)

It was like we were camping… Riddick loved being able to come up on the couch in the morning and snuggle.. I’m pretty sure it was his favorite part!! :)



    Did you get the air fixed…I hat being hot…especialy trying to get ready for work …eww!

  2. technically yes.. but really no..

    Thankfully I work for a plumbing company so I was able to ask the Heating and A/C manager what was going on. We have been living on these cycles of freezing and thawing for about a week now. He told me during the heat of the summer the filter should be changed every month! I had no idea.. and also, that the whole inside of the A/C was probably frozen and we werent giving it enough time to thaw. He said we have to let it thaw for 2 days!!! HAHAHAHA!! yea right.. unless I’m staying somewhere else there is no way the A/C will be turned off for 2 days..

    Isn’t it the worst when your face is too sweaty for you makeup to stick?? I totally hate that too! In fact I’ve been known to put a room fan in my bathroom! :)

  3. Mixed Up Me says

    Well, atleast we finally got to see a picture of your new house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The Baugh Family says

    Just wait till you get to big and can’t get comfortable in your bed and have to sleep in a lay z boy. Don’t worry…it’s comin’!

  5. Our house and our avacado walls????? I just don’t want to ruin the surprise for you.. maybe if I never show you pics.. then you will really have to come just to see it!!!!

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