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oh… by the way…

We went for our 20 week ultrasound ummmm.. well.. a couple weeks ago! :)
I walked into the ultrasound being 19 weeks and 6 day.. I walked out being 20 weeks 3 days. I was super excited and totally bummed all at the same time.. I had big plans for the official 20 weeks mark.. I was excited to see that I had exactly as many days left as I had already finished.. That half way point was really exciting for me.. But I blinked and it was over…
However… My FAVORITE thing in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD is the moving up of my due date.. This baby is HUGE! Measuring 8 days ahead.. already weighing a full pound when it should have only been weighing around 10 ounces. Big kid.. And allllll feet and legs.. It’s pretty funny.. Want to see????
Here is the profile.. I think I may have a simpsons baby! Thankfully the lips don’t look as big in the other pics!

A GIANT foot..

Another picture of before mentioned GIANT foot and super long leg..

The legs crossed..

Another profile

Looking down from the top of the head.. the arms..

But this… this is my FAVORITE picture..

It’s so typical of this baby.. I just love it. It spent almost the entire ultrasound laying like this.. I don’t know if you can tell… But it is laying on its head with its feet up in the air. It looked like it was doing some sort of yoga position and paddling its legs like it was riding a bike. It was super cute.. and it just makes me laugh! What a silly kid…

What kind you ask???????? (one of my husbands friends actually asked him “Do you know what kind it is yet?)

To tell our families we made these jars. Them each in a box with no other notes…

I wasn’t there to see how long it took my family to get it.. but it took his dad sometime to figure it out!
That’s right.. we’re in for some frogs and snails and puppy dog tails!!!

Just like I had always said… It’s a boy!!!!

I honestly wasn’t very surprised.. I always knew it was a boy… So it was just more of an .. “oh.. okay” moment..

And now.. so I can formally humiliate my son on the world wide web.. I give you further proof..
Even though Aaron really wanted a girl.. He is definitely excited for his boy now.. He talks to him a lot and its really funny.. Sometimes he’ll put his mouth on my stomach and scream something into it. It always startles the baby and he jumps! It’s so funny.. Of course the baby probably doesn’t think its too funny.. but we do!

We are approaching the 24th week.. and I still can’t believe it.. I have NO idea where this little guy is hiding. He’s big.. he’s a big baby.. but he’s obviously found a pretty decent hiding place.. I was just at a baby shower Saturday when I started talking about some of the same things the girl was talking about she said “I didn’t know you were pregnant” Yep.. almost 6 months!!!
It’s actually starting to get annoying.. but I guess I should just feel lucky and roll with the punches!
But back to the baby.. everything looks great. He was SUPER active. I do feel him everyday but they are just little thumps.. nothing huge. I couldn’t believe that I couldn’t feel all those karate moves he was doing in there. The tech checked everything and saw no problems but was having a tough time getting good pictures for the doctor since he was so squirmy. We have another appointment in a couple weeks and will have yet another ultrasound so she can get good pictures, It’s at 8 oclock in the morning so hopefully he’ll still be asleep!
Only bad news.. (well not really bad..) Is that my placenta still hasn’t moved. I was told I had placenta previa at about 11 weeks. But that it will more than likely move.. It hasn’t… not even a teeny tiny bit.. I was really worried about it at first. But I’m not anymore.. It doesn’t mean anything bad for the baby.. So I just deal with it! There is still a chance it could move, but if it hasn’t even moved a little in 10 weeks.. I’m not really counting on it. It just means I will have to have a c-section.. which I can deal with. Not my ideal situation.. but still not doom and gloom..
So.. we’ll see.. I’m fine either way.. Just as long as our little guy is safe and sound!
and please don’t ask about names.. that’s a WHOLE separate post… get your thinking caps on!! :)



    CONGRATSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! whohoho! Baby J has huge feet and long arms and legs…when people hear his weight they think he is this huge chunk but he isn’t! Thanks for sharing your exciting news…let me know when you want a handful of names!

  2. Oh.. I am always accepting names!! I don’t know how I’m supposed to pick one.. its sooo hard..and everything everyone suggests ends with an N.. which sounds pretty dumb with our last name.. Eaton..
    So think hard.. I like original names. but not tooo funky.. kinda more like normal names that aren’t used a lot.. okay.. that doesnt make sence.. but i’ll probably do a name post tomorrow!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I really want a boy, so I’m worried that if it ends up being a girl, I’ll be disappointed. I guess we’ll see – I have my ultrasound scheduled for September 9th. It seems like a world away, but I know it will be here before I know it!!

    I wish I had some good names – I get stressed out even trying to think of names…

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