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The name game…

Could also be titled. “My Least Favorite Subject”

If we were having a girl, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Girl names are a cinch! We’ve got tons of them…

A boy on the other hand… IMPOSSIBLE to name!

The first 20 weeks of this pregnancy I would go into a panic attack every time I tried to think of a name. I panic that I won’t be able to find one I like, or that I will wake up a week after having the baby or 2 years after having the baby and HATE the name! (That still reallllly worries me.)

I realized that I couldn’t keep doing that to myself so I decided to wait until I knew for sure whether it was a girl or boy before I worked myself into another fit..

Now we know..and now it isn’t any easier.

We have thought of a lot of names.. but nothing jumps out at me.. Nothing screams.. “THIS IS HIS NAME”


So here is what we have thought of….

  • Elijah – We would call him Eli. This is my dad’s favorite. One of ours also, but we really want a little girl named Ellie one day. Eli and Ellie are too close in name.. for kids that aren’t twins..
  • Luke – good fall back name… but a little boring..
  • Joel – also a little boring..
  • Kyle – I don’t really know why I like this name, but I kinda do. Again.. not love..
  • River – When his sister in law was pregnant this was the name we were all pulling for. I LOVE this name.. but just don’t know if I actually could..
  • Joey – Boring.. but cute. Even before we knew what we were having his grandparents told us that they would really like a Joseph in the family. I was already thinking Joey at that point, but it made it a little more special.
  • Aidenehhh. I like it… but its a little trendy. Plus my cousin has a little boy named Brayden.. and it just sounds to close..
  • Miles – OUR FAVORITE! but no one else likes it.. :( Which I hate.. If this baby was born today, his name would be Miles. We are totally in love with it. It still will probably be one of the top contenders.. but it makes me really sad that no one in my family likes it…
  • Milo – This got vetoed faster than Miles. But also one of our favorites. I just don’t feel like its a very grown up name.
  • Oliver – We like Oliver. Not love.. but strong like..
  • Preston – Aaron has a really good friend named Preston. But he’s a great guy..and we like this name too..
  • Elliot – MY FAVORITE! This was my first favorite. (Before Miles) it was actually one of my top contenders for a girls name (then call her Ellie) But I really like it for a boy also. BUT.. if we use this now, we loose our chance to use Ellie later. Since we’ll probably call him El.. or even Elli sometimes..
  • Mason – I really like Mason. It’s my sisters middle name. Which I really like. But sounds a little silly with Eaton.
  • Dylan or Dilan – Like this name.. but we’ve never given it a lot of thought. Just threw it out there one day and we both liked it, so it made it to the list.
  • Cooper – I just want to call him Coop! I like Cooper.. but we’ve never really seriously discussed it either..
  • Carter – Same with Carter. Like it.. just never thought much about it.

So.. these names are all on a white board on our fridge.. we look at them a few times a night just hoping one will jump out and bite us in the face!!! So far nothing has…

Aaron was talking to the baby the other night in bed, and called him Milo. I looked at him and said.. “Is that what we decided?” Then he called him Miles. It sounded sooooo perfect.. It just was right… Just felt right..

Our only draw back with Miles is the plural.. if I tell Aaron to go get his socks I have to say “Can you go gets Mileses socks?” Which sounds really dumb.. I know that.. And I admit it… but… I still like it… We still like it.

I don’t think we are going to officially decide on 1 name.. I think we will have our favorite name and a back up or two.. just in case he doesn’t look like what we’ve decided.


oh.. also.. remember our last name is Eaton. Most names that end with N sound pretty silly with it. BUT some sound okay..



    If you like Miles and it feels right screw everyone else they will get over it the minute he is born! Karter was a VERY close second to for us…to go with Kdog’s name. We like different names like Kash and Ty. But when Jodg told me Baby J’s name I just knew…I even ordered the letters of his name for his room that day!

  2. Cash or Kash is cute! My cousin baby sits a little boy named Cash. And I like really like it.. but not really for my kid! (I know.. I’m a little weird..)
    Baby J kinda looks like a Karter. I think it would have been a good pick too! Where did he even come up with his name? It’s not really a name that you sit around thinking about.. but I think its cute..and fits him very well! Oh..and p.s. my sister in law cuts wood letters!! Don’t buy them without talking to me in the future! :) She also does Vinyls..So for the next baby (!) I’ll hook you up!!!! :)

    I never understood why people keep their baby names secret and now I do! It would be have been easier to say “I’m not telling you what the name is” rather than hear everyone bash your favorite name! Once we name him whatever we do they’ll just have to get over it! :)

  3. i really liked River, Elliot, and Carter. i kinda wish that Elliot could work though, but i dont think Miles is bad it sounds like a good name when you asked me i just didnt know i was thinking haha idk but what ever you guys want to do its your baby.

  4. I have always liked the name Kensington (Kenny for short). I know it’s a little odd but I still like it. My boys also have some friends that have some cute names:
    Nathaniel (Nathan)

    Of all the names you picked I LOVE Miles. It sounds good with Eaton. I don’t like River. It sounds like a bad rafting trip…. River Eatn’. Don’t forget to keep in mind his initals too…ie:DEA Dillon Everett Anderson. Hope this helps!

  5. Mixed Up Me says

    Miles is startig to grow on me a little. Everyone is right though, it’s your baby, name him whatever you want. In defense of myself though, you’re the one that keeps asking for our opinions . . .

    Just let us all be surprised after he’s born.

  6. Emmy.. I know we kinda sprung the questions on you and didn’t give you too much time to think! You’re just the designated baby namer in our family so I thought I’d give you another shot!!!
    We are still toying with Elliot.. we had another talk about it last night. It may be 1 of a couple names that we take to the hospital and decide there..

    I think kensington would would super cute for a girl! and call her kensie!! but it is a cute name. We have a Grayson and Gentry in our neighborhood too and both girls!! thats funny!! They call the little girl Gray.and I think its soo cute! And very true with the River thing!! we think about that all the time.. it seems like whenever we say a name out loud with a baby name we always say our last name like eat’n! :)
    Initials are also VERY important.. we think about those a lot. Aaron’s middle name is Christopher. It fits so well with almost everything. We’ll probably use that..

    Ry.. I’m glad Miles is growing on you a little.. we’re pretty tied with Miles and Elliot right now.
    and you are VERY right.. we have been asking opinions.. but i think more to make sure we dont miss something.. kinda like what if we decided on Cain!! without knowing what it meant! :) or something that sounds funny that we just dont realize.. or maybe someone has a name they absolutely love that we’ve never thought of…

    never know……

  7. i just want you to understand why i hate the name miles and then you can name him that and i will love him and call him whatever nick-name i see fit, like i do with everyone else.

    reason 1: the person who used to steel money out of my register at work and otherwise torment me, was named Miles

    reason 2: iles are distance measurement increments, akin to kilometers, inches and feet. naming a kid after an measurement is silly to me. its like naming your kid Pound, or Ounce, or Minute. (On the other hand if you named him Pound he would have a cool symbol to use as a name, kind of like Price)

    like i said im just going to give whatever little nick-name pops into my head, so it doesnt really matter.

  8. Ash.. there is nothing i hate more than people the ruin names!!! umm.. ryan calls him pookie already..so you can call him that!! His middle name will probably be christopher.. you can cell him chris.. or mac.. cause he will be M.C. Eaton. like a McEaton!
    We call him mac sometimes.. or big mac!! :)
    and as for the measurement thing.. you’re named after a tree!!! j/k…
    actually the measurement thing made us fall in love with it more..
    I found this website (that i cant find for the life of me now) but… really people with that name could leave comments on the way they’ve been teased with their name. This one guy said “My dad used to introduce me by saying ‘This is my son Miles, we call him Kilometer for short.” and other people would say “A professor in college asked me if I was going to change my name to Kilometer if I moved to Europe.”
    I just think thats totally funny!!!!
    How are you feeling about Elliot?? That is a close continder at this time…

  9. Mixed Up Me says

    She cannot call him Pookie . . . I picked that special for me to use because that’s what I told you I was going to call him in my dream when I dreamed you were pregnant!!!

  10. I really like the names Miles. Miles Christopher Eaton is a very strong name. I’ve only known one Miles in my life and I liked him.

    Don’t let him have the same first and last initial. We won’t hire anyone at work that does because they always turn out to be trouble. (Our theory here)

    I always wanted a little boy named Seth. When you see him for the first time you will know.

  11. TEACHBROECK says

    My Husband just text me the name and at first I thought he wanted to there (his name is also the name of a town nearby) But it dawned on me it started with the same letter as BOTH our maternal g’pas and had the word “son: in it. =)
    I LOVE VINYLS! I have one over Baby J’s bed that says the “Prince sleeps here”

  12. I actually am having a hard time coming up with girls names!! The only boy name that is sticking for me is Easton. But that obviously wouldn’t work for you – Easton Eaton. I told my sister that I like the name Samantha for a girl, but she told me that every Samantha she knows is either overweight or has health problems. It’s hard to please everyone!

  13. I love the name Elliot, for a boy or a girl. And i was not named after a tree, i was named after clearing in the trees, hence the “-ley” at the end. and i looked up Miles, nobdy knows what it really means as far as a people name goes. best guess is “gracious” or “soldier.” Elliot on the other hand comes from Elijah, which means “my God is YAHWEH.”

    And Ryna, i would never call him “pookie.” it makes me think of a small, spoild, fluffy dog. i happen to love those kinds, i would never call a child that. that one’s all yours. like i said whatever little name pops into my head when i meet him, is what i will call him.

  14. i would also like to remind you that Oliver was a cat’s name first, as was Milo.

    beyond those reminders, i forbide you from naming any chiild, ever, the following: Ofri, Orif, Dymon (or any other butchering of a mineral), T-Anna (or any other “letter-dash-name” name, or Mitzy/Misty. these are all REAL names i have seen in the last two weeks, and i love you to much to allow you to do that.

  15. Jakwon is not allowed either

  16. I personally love the name Miles
    and if you love it, do it.
    My sister was not popular with her
    in laws on naming her daughter Harriett
    but it grew on them and its totally a
    perfect name for her.
    So it is your child to be, like you said
    they will just have to get used to it.
    I live far enough away to tell you some of
    my favourites which are
    its a shame Jack is so popular

    Have fun deciding..
    (I’m a friend of Deborah from)

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