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Hair today.. Gone tomorrow .. THE SEQUEL

This time it is a little more traumatic than last time.. I cried a little longer this time.. but different tears. There was just no stopping the laughter.. and honestly.. it hasn’t stopped yet…

It was hair cut day on Monday. Both for Aaron and Riddick. I SOOO wish I had a before and after picture.. but hindsight.. right???

I cut Aaron’s hair.. without a problem.. this time!!

And we went and dropped Riddick off for his..

You see.. when I get my hair cut, the girl “knows” me. I say.. just make it look cute..and don’t make me look fat.. but make it different.. but not too weird.. but something new.. and she GETS IT!

Apparently groomers don’t have the same ability…

“Just like last time” She asked..

“No, I was thinking I wanted it a little shorter. Last time you left his skirt (the hair around his stomach and on his legs) kinda long. It was dirty and gross looking in just a couple days. We like it a lot shorter so it’s less maintenance.”

“Okay” She said. “What about his face?”

“Oh, same with his face” I replied. “We like his beard pretty short and his eye brows kinda short too since they seem to grow really fast and I’m constantly trimming them so he can see.”

“Okay.. got it.. Short” She said confidently.

Silly me assumed she understood EXACTLY what I meant. Shave his back and head like they normally do. Cut his “skirt” about half the length it usually is. Trim is beard so it comes just to his chin, and about half the normal eye brow length. She got it.. right….

Off we left for IKEA. I told her not to hurry and just call when he was done.

About 3 hours later, she called. When stopped and got ice cream on the way and i made sure to get him a cone so he could have it when he got home. I ran in to pick him up and Aaron stayed in the car..

I walked in and said “I’m here to pick up Riddick.” I paid.. and the lady went to get him…

This is what walked out of the back room…

“That’s a nice giant rat you have there lady but.. WHERE IS MY DOG???” okay.. so that just went through my head.. but HOLY CRAP! Seriously what is that thing?? It is definitely not this sweet face that walked in 3 hours ago..

A mother always knows her child.. even if he does look like this…

I walked out and Aaron was in plain view. The look on his face was PRICELESS!! I’m very glad he didn’t have a mouth full of ice cream or I’m sure it would have been spit all over the inside of the car.

By the time I got to the car I was already laughing so hard I couldn’t even speak.

Aaron asked about 20 times if I was sure that was Riddick. I just kept shaking my head yes.. He didn’t believe me. We had to sit in the parking lot for awhile to compose ourselves. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t speak or breath and tears were just streaming down my face.

My poor baby… my sweet fluffy.. sweaty baby…

pre hair cut…..

post hair cut…

pre hair cut…

post hair cut….

I just hope it grows back by winter.. he’s already freezing.. and quite embarrassed…

It actually took Aaron quite awhile to be convinced that this “thing” actually was Riddick…

oh boy……


  1. Crooked Eyebrow says

    How funny, our chester used to come looking like a rat too!

  2. So so so so so funny. he is so skinny. Hopefully it grows back fast!

  3. I can’t stop laughing he’s still looks sooo cute. Now you have a little Rattick!

  4. Oh that poor boy! Everyone is laughing at him. We do that with his moms pomeranian but Gary always leave the hair by the head so he looks like a black lion.

  5. I am soooo sorry, but I have to admit that I’m sitting at my desk at work laughing so hard that I am crying. I’m sooo sorry!! I’m sure it will grow back fast – it’s just amazing that she thought that was ok!

  6. WOW! that is hilarious how much did those uneducated “groomers” charge you? haha idk that is weird mom and i think he looks like a miniture pinscher! haha except he is way nicer then a pinscher! haha

  7. Mixed Up Me says

    Can you remove the third picture from the top . . . it makes him look like he has a long, skinny tail wiht a puff ball at the end.

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