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Cleaning out the camera….

I’ve skipped past a few things.. SO I figured I’d clean out my camera and post some random pics…

This was just this morning. The boys we’re FREEZING! granted.. it’s still summer here.. just like everywhere else! But the boys we’re cold. So as I was getting ready to leave they cuddled on the stairs to get warm!!! Kinda hard to see Riddick, but he’s in there!
Aaron carried him around like that until I left.. I don’t know where the baby is going to fit in there in a few months!

This is a wedding cake I made last week (?) yea.. I think it was last week. The flower girl was supposed to put flowers all over it.. and well.. Ran out! So it looked super boring. But the bride loved it.. and that’s all that really matters!
This is our mutant tomato plant. I am realizing it doesn’t look so huge in the picture. But it really is. And now its trying to come in the back door. I’m not really sure what we are going to do about it.

Funny story though.. I was out picking them the other night and had a bowl on the ground and was having to basically lay on the ground and crawl under it to get to the tomatoes on the back. (this is a grape tomato plant, but most of the tomatoes are coming off the size of small Roma’s) I would pick the tomatoes then reach back to the bowl and drop them in, I did this for about 6 tomatoes and crawled out. When I crawled out I realized the bowl was EMPTY! And Riddick was just standing there wagging his tail! He was eating the tomatoes as fast as I could pick them! (Tomatoes are one of his favorite foods..) I didn’t get mad because he was just so dang cute, plus I didn’t have a need for the tomatoes anyway! I finished picking the rest and stopped him from eating all of them. All of our little tomatoes sit in a bowl on the counter and they make the perfect snack for me and puppy every time we walk into the kitchen!

I made this blanket for a friends baby shower last Saturday. I actually bought this fabric for myself before I knew what we were having. I am SOO in love with it!!! It was sooo hard to give this blanket up, but I’m pretty sure our little guy doesn’t want a pink cupcake blanket! I tried really hard to think of something else to do with the fabric, but there isn’t much you can do with flannel. The girl loved it and I know her little girl will love it. So that makes it okay!
(I have another yard of flannel I bought too that is kind of retro umbrellas. I intended to make her two blankets but was too tired. I’ll have to find something else to do with that one!)

Last week was a busy one. I had a wedding cake to do for Friday. And Saturday I had a baby shower then we went to the Annual Hot Air Balloon festival in Sandy. Last year we just happened to notice all these hot air balloons and decided to go see what they were doing and had sooo much fun!! They set up all these hot air balloons and dusk then for a few hours they just tether them to the ground and keep shooting the fire so all the balloons are glowing. Its a really neat thing to watch. We took Aaron’s little sister out to dinner with us then we headed down at about 8:30… not much was going on yet. But when it started to get dark they started to unroll one of the balloons. They set it up and it was a frenzy since it was the only balloon up. It was set up for about 10 minutes then they started to set up another. I was kind of a stormy night and all the sudden the wind started to pick up A LOT! the balloon almost got blown away and they decided it wasn’t safe so they took it down! So this is the only balloon we got to see! Hopefully next year it will be better. We still had a lot of fun that night and it was nice to spend some time with Emily!

I don’t really know why I’m including this picture. I just really like it. And I want my hair to look like that again.. I think maybe next week I’ll go get it done again. I just want it lighter. We were talking about going to my parents house for Easter and Aaron said “I just want to go to that apple place again.” And that’s where this picture was taken (Apple Hill) So I thought I’d throw it in. I didn’t realize he had that much fun there, we basically just made him pose for pictures the whole time. And Riddick was a brat most of the time, so I thought Aaron hated it! I guess he didn’t… Too bad its not a whole lot of fun in the spring!! :)

I really like this picture too and don’t think I even posted it. Awhile ago.. (I don’t remember when, but Aaron is wearing his winter jacket and I have a sweater on, so it much have been cold..) Some vendor of ours took us out to a nice dinner downtown and to the Brad Paisley concert. Everyone with us got completely drunk..and Aaron had no idea who Brad Paisley was, but we had a lot of fun. I remember the concert didn’t end until almost midnight.. it was soo late!

But lots of fun!!! I guess I just like pictures that remind me of how much fun we have!


  1. Thats a good picture of all of you at Apple Hill. We love it there too… can’t wait to go back!

  2. Wow, I LOVE that cake! It looks amazing!

  3. Crooked Eyebrow says

    Nice Cake(I love it), you must have oodles &oodles of patience!

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