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Aren’t you lucky!!!!!
Instead of writing a bunch of different posts, I am just going to do sub posts…
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An Ordinary Pregnant Girl….
It was time again for another doctor’s appointment.. These seems to come so fast, I can’t believe how fast 4 weeks goes by
And another Doctor’s appointment means another ultrasound.. This time with a much less wiggly baby. Unfortunately we didn’t get any great pictures.. but did confirm one thing for my sister..

And more proof of the giant in my stomach…

His legs are reallly long and his feet are really huge.. but its cute to see that his legs are starting to get some fat on them..

He is officially weighing just over a pound and half. I didn’t get his length, but I’m sure it’s huge. Heartbeat still at about 138. Which is were it’s been every time.

He was sucking on his fingers during part of the ultrasound.. not just his thumb.. all of his fingers!

He has recently become VERY possessive of his “bubble” He gets pretty ticked when someone is in his way.

He’s been kicking Aaron quite a bit lately.

Aaron had been pretty sad that he hadn’t felt him move. Last Saturday while sitting in the Viewing room of uncle Scott’s funeral, the baby started kicking really high. (which is weird for him) I pushed a little where he was kicking and he kicked again. I did it a couple more times before I grabbed Aaron’s hand (It just bums him out more when he can’t feel it after I’m so sure he’ll be able to, or after the baby moves.) Sure enough, I pushed his fingers in the same spot and the baby kicked him. It was pretty cool and gave us a reason to smile!
And just this weekend he started to move really violently. I swear if I was standing up he’d knock me over! So I laid in bed and watched my stomach. It was the first time I had seen him move from the outside.. pretty creepy!
He has also taken to not sleeping!! (Something I sincerely hope changes in the next 3 months!) He wakes up so early and starts squirming around and he’s up sooo late. It’s starting to make it harder for me to sleep. At night when Aaron cuddles and puts his arm around me.. the baby always kicks at it! It’s pretty funny..
But what I was getting at…
I no longer have placenta previa. I was diagnosed with it at 11 weeks. Every 4 weeks there has been no change. They decided it was time to do a more in depth look to really get good measurements. And sure enough, the placenta is more than 2cm’s away from my cervix. So I’m not longer considered “High Risk.” I’m just an ordinary pregnant girl with a giant baby that never sleeps! :)
I’ll take what I can get! (although.. next appointment is the glucose test. YUCK! Not looking forward to it, but secretly hoping it won’t be as bad as everyone says it is..
Zebra Balls..
I realize that is highly inappropriate, but it’s the first thing that I think of when I see these
But aren’t they pretty?

I hesitantly entered a couple cooking contest for this summer. I’m still not sure if I really want to do them.. but baby needs a crib and a dresser.. So I need to win some money somewhere. I don’t think it’s just going to fall out of the sky! Thankfully these are contests where you bring the prepared food. I don’t have to cook them there.

The first one is a Chocolate contest. It has to use Girardelli chocolate and not more than 10 other ingredients. I knew I wanted something different that would stick out. Also something good for the holidays. Something someone could make to go on a cookie plate for Christmas.

So I made Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles (which desperately need a new name.. but probably not Zebra Balls!!)

I originally was just going to make chocolate chip cookie dough, but realized that they chocolaty taste was worth 40% of the score. So I threw a little cocoa powder into the cookie dough! These are supppper yummy. But also very rich. I brought them to work today to test them on my guinea pigs.. I also need a good brownie.. I have an idea, but It’s going to take some fine tuning.

More on those later…

Christmas in August…

On the way home the other day I had this freak out moment. I’m 24 weeks now. 24 weeks mean if your baby is born, it will survive. Which in my head means, “Your baby could be born any second.”

All we have, is 1 – alligator onesie that my aunt sent me (that is SUPER cute) and a beehive mobile (that she also sent me and is SUPER cute) and a rocker/glider that is still in a box in our living room. THAT’S IT! For a baby that could be born.. any second!

So as we have this freak out conversation all the way home, we pull into the drive way and see this HUGE box on the porch.

Aaron brings it is and it’s addressed to “Pookie” c/o Ryley and Aaron.

I immediately knew it was from my sister. It weighed a ton and I couldn’t imagine what was in it. Aaron’s pulled out this box.. (Isn’t it cute? i love it!!!)

Inside the box.. we found all of this…..

Can you believe it???? I have never seen so many clothes EVER! I was soooo excited, and felt so much better about a baby that could be born any second! He had clothes..and that’s all he needed!

I wanted a Hoodie sooo badly for him.. and now he has one!! Thanks Ry. (Even though Aaron wants to steal it for himself!!)

He is already VERY spoiled.
I love that she bought him lots of puppy dog stuff.. I buy everything with a dog on it that I can find…

My mom threw in a few things too.. Everything was soo cute…
Take a look at these pants.. they say “My Hero” on the butt..and have the cutest dragon and prince theme..

And that giant alligator.. or crocodile (I don’t really know the difference) is a little hard to keep from Riddick. He was pretty sure everything was for him..

Oh.. but this was probably my favorite thing…
A mute button pacifier…

How stinkin‘ cute huh?? And my mom even remembered to throw in some beef jerky for Aaron. The first thing he said when I opened the box was “Finally something for me!” He’s getting used to this being spoiled thing and the last couple boxes haven’t had anything for him! :)
oh.. one more thing.. We bought him a swing!!! Kohl’s was having a pretty good sale, and I had a couple discount codes that knocked the price down even more..
This is the swing we got..

Aaron thinks it looks like a robot. It does.. I’ll admit it! But it’s one of the best swing. It can swing side to side or you can turn the seat so it swing front to back.. AND it plugs in!! So you don’t have to waste batteries! I love it! It retails everywhere else for no less than $100. The typical price is $160. We got it with tax and shipping for $74!!! Next on the list, a car seat, stroller and crib! If only money would fall out of the sky!

******UPDATED: I just got an email from Kohl’s. I didn’t even know it, but apparently they are doing Kohl’s cash right now. So not only did I get this swing for less than I could buy it used, I got $20 back for it!!! Unfortunately you can only use the Kohl’s cash in the store and not online, but I don’t think I’ll have too hard of a time spending it! Thanks Kohls!**********

I guess that’s all for today…..


  1. Mixed Up Me says

    Babies don’t spoil, only fruit spoils!! That’s what Grandma Pat (Penny’s Mom) always says!

    Anyway, he’s bound to be spoiled, he’s a boy!! If he were a girl, all that would have been in that box is a one-way ticket to boarding school!
    Just kidding!

  2. Mixed Up Me says

    I don’t think I sent those clothes on a hanger . . . They don’t look familiar to me. One of them looks like it has the bird from “Horton Hears A Who” on it.

    I just ordered Mr. Pookie something super cute, but I’m having it sent to me so I can see it first!!

  3. Ok, that was a long post, so sorry if this is a long reply!! 1st – I think I just started feeling the baby yesterday. I feel him/her again this morning, so I’m pretty sure that’s what it is, and I’m so excited! But now my husband is jealous because he wants to feel him. I guess I’ll have to tell him it will probably be anotehr 6 weeks until I’m 24 weeks!

    2nd – I’m so glad you aren’t considered high risk anymore! I bet that’s a huge relief.

    3rd – cutest clothes!! Usually the girl clothes are the cute ones, but I love those – especially the hoody!

    4th – I’m jealous you got the swing so cheap! I just went online to look at it, and it’s not as cheap anymore. I keep saying that every weekend we’re going to go start looking a “big” stuff, but we haven’t so far. I think I’ll feel better once I have the carseat.

  4. Hey – I was going to ask you about the cooking contest – it’s at the State Fair?? Email me – deborahharroun@gmail.com

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