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Not fit to raise a child…

We went out paddling on Saturday with the nieces and nephew. I was so excited to go because I haven’t been in quite awhile. But I always forget how crappy I am at it.. and how scared I am that the boat is going to tip over.. but I always have fun!

I guess I also forget how much work it is.. but work is good for me! Right???

It was also a little more difficult because I’m currently on “light duty” (I’ll explain more about that later.) Aaron wouldn’t let me help carry the 40 lbs kayak.. or blow up the inflatable canoe.. or let me paddle too much. Which was probably a good thing, because more than likely I would have over done it. I’m very thankful that he pays attention to those things and always keeps *us* safe!….. However.. it didn’t really cross his mind that we would be out on the lake for 4 hours without sunblock!! Okay.. I take that back.. it did cross our minds.. we just didn’t really care at the time..

Guess What???


Check this out..
(I would also like to thank Emily for pointing out that I have a mole the shape of a heart!! It’s so cute! on the bottom left by the edge of the burn…)

This is just the back.. the front is a little less burnt than this.. but my arms are just as burnt..

And I feel like an IDIOT!! Who on earth is going to let people who get this burnt raise children? I’m pretty sure DCFS will be at more door shortly to deem us “unfit”

Really though.. I feel so stupid. Grown adults should be smarter. Every look of pity just makes me cringe. I hate it.

And the STUPID questions.. when will they stop?? I’m really going to wear a sign tomorrow that just says.. “Don’t Ask!”

Do you have any idea how many remedies there are in the world? Because.. when you’re sunburned.. its an open invitation for advise..

  • vinegar. I was very skeptical about this one. But my mother in law confirmed it
  • burn cream. makes sense
  • ice cream. Aaron thinks this is a giant waste of perfectly good ice cream
  • egg whites. my arms and back are so HOT right now we could have scrambled eggs for breakfast
  • shaving cream. interesting.. but still not trying it
  • wrapping in a cold wet sheet. I’m already FREEZING
  • bathing in various concoctions.. number 1) I have way to many issues with my insides right now to even think about getting those sorts of things in there. 2) its my upper neck, and upper arms mostly. And those are two very hard parts to get submerged.

So I’ll stick with my Aloe with Lidocaine. Which I sure hope isn’t going to make the baby cross eyed or anything. I googled to make sure Aloe was safe, and all it said was you shouldn’t ingest it while pregnant. So as long as I resit the urge to swallow it.. We should be okay.. But fyi.. If you do ingest aloe.. it turns your pee pink! i guess Aloe is a acne treatment when taken orally.. but I’m sure its in a pill form or something.. and I’m officially rambling now..

Anyway.. I leave you with some pictures of .. umm.. i have no idea when this was. But its the only pictures of us paddling that I have.. But they were at least a year ago, I think two…

(Thanks babe for filing the pictures so neatly..) This is from our camping trip in 2006. Silver Lake up by Brighton

Thanks for at least gasping a little when you saw my burn.. it does make me feel a little better that you care.. But it doesn’t make it hurt any less.. and doesn’t make me sleep any better.

Aaron has been taking NyQuil to help him sleep… but not me and baby.. we just toss and turn and pee all night.. because there is no way to avoid laying on some part of burned flesh..

Poor baby is probably so sick of my gasping and flinching every time I move. It’s probably kicking me in a bladder every time I annoy it.. which makes me have to pee more..

I’m pretty sure it’s already in control.. Welcome to the next 60 or so years of my life…


  1. Mixed Up Me says

    RYLEY EASSON!!!!!! Okay, I’m done yelling. Sorry about the burn, I blame the boys. They should have told you you were turning red!!!!

    I’ve heard rubbing buttermilk on a burn, or sour cream, helps ease the pain. I don’t know if it’s true and I don’t really trust my source, but it’s worth a try.

  2. Mimi's Toes says

    OMG…I did gasp when I saw this. I found you thru Crooked eyebrow. I Love the picture at the top of your Blog. I get sun poison at least once a summer. The best thing I have found was Aveno oatmeal bath, but of course you are probably already healed by now. I bet you are peeling like a snake by now.

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