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4 times….

The following post was written the day after the last post… A day and a week ago…

Ever say something that just really bites you in the butt???

Remember how I said I could easily forget for just one day or just a few minutes.. Because I didn’t have any constant reminders??

Do you know what I did 4 times last night??? Brushed my teeth… Not because I like to brush my teeth.. But because I threw up my first ever meal last night!!!!

The only other time I threw up, all I had in my stomach was water and a prenatal vitamin.. Its quite a milestone! Right???? Okay.. Maybe not.. But I did learn some very important things:

1) Even though your dentist tells you that you do a great job at keeping your wisdom teeth clean, don’t try to brush them for the next 6 months..

2) Even though you really love chili cheese dogs.. You don’t need to eat them as much as you do.

3) When you actually do eat said chili cheese dogs CHEW BETTER!!!

But I felt better afterwards.. Actually I felt fine before too. But I guess it was surprising, because normally when you’re that sick you feel sick and you feel like crawling in a whole after you purge your entire dinner. But apparently.. When its “morning” sickness.. You just keep going afterwards…. Interesting..

I did however, apologize to baby for not giving him any dinner. Hope he wasn’t too hungry last night. I promised him I would feed him a good breakfast.. Hope he was happy with a bowl of frosted mini wheat’s on the way to work.. Sorry little guy!!!

On a side note.. My calendar that’s on the fridge says the baby is 4″ long now!!! Holy cow..

Where is he hiding?

He’s almost exactly as long as my cell phone.. or my post it notes held diagonally..

Or.. The 16oz mark on my water bottle…

or 3 paper clips…

.. Officially.. According to BabyCenter, He is the size of a lemon.

Thank goodness I didn’t look last week. He was the size of a shrimp. Gross..

I do have one question.. How do you go from the size of a lime to a shrimp to a lemon?? That just seems weird.. Okay. I’m really done now..


By the way… officially meet “IT”

Well.. “it” 4 weeks ago..


  1. Mixed Up Me says

    I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when you had your ruler out, measuring everything, then taking pictures of the random things you measured. Your co-workers must think you’re nuts!

  2. all those things I measured were all within reaching distance in my little cubby space! I’m pretty sure no one noticed..and i was really really bored……

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