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The freakin cutest baby EVER!!!

So.. My sister in law (Rachel) and her husband (Kevin) had their baby boy on Monday morning.
She started feeling the labor around 10:30 pm..and went to the hospital at 2am. He was born at 8:02am.
She had planned to go completely naturally. (Which I totalllllly admire) But after they broke her water, she went from 3cm to 9 in 15 minutes!!! (I learned that you are supposed to go a cm an hour..) so that’s pretty crazy. At that point her body was panicking and it was best to go ahead and get the epidural for her safety.
Zackery Kevin West born at 8:02am 5/12/08 was 6lbz 2oz and 19″ long

And I’ll tell you what.. he is SOOOOOOOOOO adorable. And soooo small. The whole time i was there all i could think about was how he was the smallest baby I’d ever seen. (Apparently he’s not.. Katie’s boys were that size too) But he just seemed so tiny. And so perfect..

When we got home before we got out of the car I told Aaron that I really wanted to go back..and just hold him some more.. but the dog had to pee..and apparently that took precedence! :)

I can’t wait to get to know him more as he grows up and up and up (literally.. his dad is like 6’6″)

Rachel and Kevin will make the absolute best parents.. In fact maybe one day I’ll send my kids to them so they can raise them right! :)

Congrats guys… love you!!!!

All ready to go home…

This is our brother Matt holding Zack….

This is Zack (on the left) and his cousin (Kevin’s side) That was born about a week ago.. You can really see how small he is compared to another baby…


  1. Mixed Up Me says

    So cute!! I was tinier than that, but I guess you wouldn’t remember that. I didn’t even recognize Matt (sorry Matt)
    Congratualtions Rachel and Kevin!

    Now we need to get Rachel into blogging so we can all watch him grow.

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